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You've been laser focused on your child’s safety and well-being since before they were even born. Which is why this past year has been so confusing. You can’t stop wondering if your decision to send your kid to school (where they might get sick) or keep them home (where they will get lonely) is the right one. And how do you know if and how far your child is falling behind in their academics? Plus, staring at a screen all day is exactly what you’ve always tried to avoid. You wish there were a solution where they could be with other kids and learn from a live teacher (who isn’t you) in an environment that you feel is safe. Enter SchoolHouse. SchoolHouse provides a private, in-person micro-school option with vetted teachers and a pod of children of your choosing right here in Bergen County, New Jersey. 


Micro-schooling is the reinvention of the one-room school house. Class size is typically 8 students or smaller and often consist of mixed-age level groupings to accommodate just one or two families.  This means that your child gets individualized attention, lots of teacher time, and a learning pace that works for them.


SchoolHouse builds the right school and curriculum around the needs, interests, strengths and weaknesses of the children in each group. Teachers are matched with each group based on these identified needs. So, a group of kids that needs or wants additional math could incorporate a math intensive module each day. STEM groups will include more science and experiments. Kids who require movement of their bodies to fuel their brains have the option for outside sports in the morning, followed by the regular academic program in the afternoon. The benefit of a micro-school is that families have a great deal of flexibility within the parameters set buy state, district or school guidelines and standards.


After meeting with families, your dedicated SchoolHouse placement counselor works to match your group with the perfect teacher. SchoolHouse teachers have wide-ranging expertise, years of experience and a passion for learning. These teachers arrive at the location of your choosing, your backyard, a dining room table or a storefront, equipped with the right plan, tools and supplies to teach your children. Class days are typically 5 hours long but you get to decide what time they start and end, a bonus for early birds, late sleepers or kids pursuing a sport, craft or passion project. Enrichment classes are offered twice a week and can be on topics of your choosing, another plus if you have a kid who is obsessed with anything from space and rockets to engineering to history. 


SchoolHouse handles all the paperwork, accounting, legal, and regulatory issues to ensure that your school is abiding by all the necessary standards and best practices. They also provide administrative services in the event that, say, you need a substitute teacher or a tweak to curriculum. 


So, if you’re looking for an alternative to all-day Zoom school but you’re not prepared to send your child back to school full time, or, if the structure and expectations of the traditional school model do not promote an optimal learning environment for your child, SchoolHouse micro-schools could be your answer. Visit the SchoolHouse website for more information and to start the process and join SchoolHouse today. 


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