Must-Have Outdoor Trends From Down to Earth Living [dedicated]

Pandemic nesting, in which we try (fingers crossed successfully) to enhance our home environment, was very much a thing this year. Appreciation of our homes got a big boost, and the desire to plan, clean, repair, improve and decorate our houses overflowed to the outside as well. There’s no question that outdoor living spaces are getting all the attention now. Your basic table and chairs setup is being transformed into a true entertainment space filled with lounge furniture, cocktail tables, firepits, an outdoor kitchen and much more. Stuart Leventhal, Owner of Down to Earth Living in Pomona, shares some trends seen in outdoor living, and how to incorporate into your own space.


Color and Quality

“Backyards have transformed into true living and dining rooms requiring more durable and comfortable furniture and fabrics, which manufacturers have begun to provide,” says Leventhal. In addition to demand for quality products came more of an interest for adding color. Color coordination between indoor and outdoor living spaces became more important, with many people making bolder choices to enhance their space. Leventhal says the Pantone Color of the Year -- a complement of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (yellow) – is now incorporated into outdoor furnishings. Mixing and matching furniture and decorative pieces, rather than buying a full set, is also increasingly popular, as it allows you to infuse your personal taste and style, and accomodate spatial needs. Pops of color can also easily be added with throw pillows, outdoor wall décor, paintings and tableware.


Senses Overload

Satisfying the senses of sight, sounds and smell is another trend made possible by homeowners becoming more aware of their landscapes. Incorporate color, texture, structure and the fresh air smell of flowers and plants. Edible gardens, perennial gardens and container gardens are a popular choice for defining spaces. “The latest trend is to incorporate each of these within the other,” says Leventhal. Got a green thumb? Now is your time to shine. Plant mixed gardens that take advantage of the colors and textures of annuals next to perennials mixed with vegetables in portable pots and containers. Add specimen trees with lighting – a singular focal point – to an outdoor space to add interest and surprise.


Popular Pottery

Incorporate ceramics inside the home and out in a variety of styles. “White pottery is the king today followed by black and red,” says Leventhal. “These colors can be combined with most furniture and accomplish the goal of enhancing the filler areas and wider surroundings.” Look for ceramics to serve as a home to outdoor plants, or as more decorative pieces in fun shapes and colors.


As we quickly move into spring and summer 2021, the new normal is to make the most of your outdoor living space. “Make it as comfortable and inviting as possible to enjoy with friends and family, and show off the new environments you create,” says Leventhal. Visit Down to Earth Living’s 12.5 acres and 10,000 square foot showroom for all of your outdoor living needs, including furniture and décor, plus acres of plants, trees, statuary and more. Open 9 am-5 pm daily.

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