Music Classes for the Kids at Kaplen JCC Thurnauer School of Music [dedicated]

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Something amazing happens when most young kids hear music. Babies start to kick and smile, toddlers dance and young kids sing along when they know the words (and even when they don’t). For kids and adults of all ages, music provides an emotional outlet, fosters creativity, and develops critical thinking, motor and collaborative skills. Starting your child with music classes early will only help them as they grow and develop. Which is why the Thurnauer School of Music at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades has added Musikgarten® music classes to its program offerings this fall. 


Musikgarten® classes are filled with upbeat songs, musical movement, dramatic play and storytelling that have been especially developed to be appropriate for each stage in a child’s life. Children of all ages will learn rhythm as they keep the beat, they will dance and move their bodies in response to the songs they are singing, and they will receive an introduction to instruments as they play along to the songs sung in class. Each family will be provided with a CD of the songs and parent guidebooks so they can play along at home, reinforcing the lessons learned in class and involving the whole family in the fun. 

All Musikgarten® classes at Thurnauer will be taught by highly experienced musicians and early childhood educators who have been trained in the Musikgarten teaching methods. Musicians can’t help but share the gift of their talents so these teachers combine their love of music with their deep knowledge and expertise in the craft to make your child’s first experience with music fun, while also giving them valuable knowledge for the future. 


Pre-registration for fall classes has started. Visit the website for the schedule and to register. Classes are kept small so each child can receive the attention they deserve so pre-registration is highly recommended. Membership at the JCC is not required to register and everyone is welcome. For questions or more information, please call Emma Brondolo, Director of Early Childhood Music, at 201.569.7900 x230 or email her at


Thurnauer School of Music
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
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