Monsoon Flower and Gift Shop: Love at First Whiff (Dedicated Email)

Dear Monsoon,

Hydrangea doin’ today? This is a little awkward, because um, we’ve been watching . . . and waiting . . . for months for your doors to open, wondering if you would look as fresh and fabulous in person as you did from afar. Your inviting wooden, earth-toned décor . . . your charming sunlit window displays . . . we just knew that this would be the start of a budding romance.

At the risk of sounding totally Ranunculus, can we just tell you how obsessed we are with your Vanda Orchids brought fresh from NYC’s flower market every morning? Or your contemporary Bento Box designs filled with chic and color-rich deliciousness? Or that thing you do in designing those stunningly artful floral masterpieces? Oh and how we love your carefully edited selection of gifts – like Michael Aram trays and frames, Dartington flower bottles from the UK, drool-worthy imported dishtowels, or candles from Archipelago. And you, Owner Sadhna Babani, don’t even get us started with your Flower School of New York pedigree and your time spent abroad in Paris, gathering inspiration. We’re swooning!

As much as we’d like to keep you all to ourselves, we understand that you like to work with a variety of different admirers, designing the perfect tabletop arrangements for any occasion. Plus, you make it super simple and cost-effective by loaning out those charming containers and delivering arrangements directly to individual homes. And we’re okay with that. Truth be told, it makes us love you that much more. Especially since we can pop in anytime when we need a quick hostess gift or a surprise arrangement for a friend or colleague. By the way, is it okay if we come to your upcoming flower arrangement workshop on January 19th?

This relationship is blooming already.


Monsoon Flowers and Gifts
15 Broadway, Cresskill

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