MOM’s Organic Market Opens in Paramus, NJ

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Did you know the foods we consume not only can impact and affect the health of our bodies, but the health of the environment, too? Supporting businesses whose goal is to protect the planet and have a positive impact on the environment just got a little easier by visiting MOM's Organic Market, which opened last month in Paramus. At MOM's, you can feel good knowing with every bite of their foods -- from fresh meats to snacks -- not only are you consuming the cleanest ingredients, but from companies that use sustainable food systems.


Their mission is simple: to help protect and restore the environment through the brands and products offered at the store, as well as their business's own practices. Some ways MOM's is showing Mother Earth a little love are through rooftop solar panels at various locations; eliminating the use of single-use plastic such as bags and water bottles, as well as offering bulk purchases; and partnering with environmental groups to put thought into action. 


When you shop at MOM's, you can feel comfortable knowing the products use only fresh, organic ingredients with sustainable practices. In fact, they created a "Banned Ingredients & Ingredient Wachlist" of over 250 ingredients to completely eliminate the use of artificial flavors and colors, preservatives, hydrogenated oils and more. 


Ready to fill your cart? Find 100 percent sustainable seafood the highest quality organic produce with daily deliveries, organic meat, poultry and eggs; grocery products free of artificial ingredients; wine and beer; a health and wellness section with clean beauty items; and BYO container bulk products that let you decide how much you need. While you visit, bring some of those no-longer-needed items that you've been waiting to recycle, including old cell phones and tablets, shoes, batteries and more, and drop at their recycling program for customers.


Look out for their annual Denim Drive, which happens in the spring, and their Holiday Lights Recylcling Drive after the holidays. In the meantime, stock your kitchen with foods that make you feel good physically and mentally, while helping to better the world around you. 

MOM's Organic Market
469 NJ-17 S., Paramus
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