Meet Strands. The New Must-Have Accessory You’ll Be Wearing on the Daily

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Professional stylist and TV fashion correspondent Melissa Garcia has always loved making her looks her own, and that often involved accessorizing with jewelry – a stack of layered necklaces or a cool pair of statement earrings, for example. But for years she’s been trying to come up with a way to make her and her clients’ wardrobes even more unique. “Personally, I’m not a blend-in kind of girl. I was always thinking, ‘How do I accessorize my clothes to make them look different?,’” she explains. Earlier this year Garcia came up with the answer when she created a new product she’s hoping will disrupt the accessories market: Strands by Closet Gold.

The idea is to actually personalize your existing clothing and accessories – from jackets to jeans to bags – with pieces of eye-catching edgy trim that can hop from piece to piece via industrial-strength magnets. “The great thing is they don’t harm the integrity of your clothes. There are no pins or anything like that,” Garcia explains. “And you’re not held to where you place them.”



The current collection includes Strands made with gold and silver beads, brilliant Swarovski crystals or a mix of both. Since they come in pairs, you can pop both on your jean or jacket pockets, the shoulders of your T-shirts, and the edges of your pumps, or do singles on the crown of a hat or flap of a purse. Basically, the fashion world is your oyster with these babies. “I’ve seen all kinds of pictures. I’ve seen people put them in their hair or layer them. They’re super versatile so you can make them your own,” says Garcia, who’s already gotten her invention on shows including The View and The Wendy Williams Show.



Next up, she plans to release some new styles as well as single pieces (they currently come as pairs) so stay tuned. In the meantime, Garcia is giving Bergen Mama readers 40 percent off orders with the code BERGENMAMA so we can all officially jazz up our looks in time for the holidays.

Use your discount code to buy Strands by Closet Gold here. 

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