Make Rowing Your Summer Workout at Washington Township’s New Row House

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Rowers rejoice! Bergen County is about to get its very first rowing studio. Up until now, we’ve gotten our rowing fix at the gym (not all that exciting, TBH) or while kicking serious butt at beloved Orange Theory, where those high-tech water rowers are a component of the studio’s multi-circuit interval training. But we’re talking all rowing all the time at the new Row House in Washington Township, one of a chain of studios that touts the fact it’s finally taken the humble rowing machine and put it front and center.


But here’s the coolest part: The studio offers six different types of classes, and while they all center around the all-mighty rower, they each focus on something unique – from strength-building to core tightening to killer calorie-burning. One incorporates weights, another includes dynamic stretching, and another blasts high-energy music to help participants pack as much aerobic exercise as they can into 45 minutes. And if you’re not a rowing aficionado but want to see what it’s all about, Row House will give you a free first class to test the waters, so you have no reason not to go for it. Ready, set, row.


275 Pascack Road, Washington Township 
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