Three Hot New Bergen County Fitness Studios to Jumpstart 2019

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Just when you thought Bergen County had reached its fitness studio quota, it turns out there’s plenty of room left and -- when it comes to workout options -- we say the more the merrier. Since there’s no better time to mix up your routine than January, when you’ve got resolutions, exercise, and clean living on the brain, here are three new Bergen County fitness studio openings to keep on your workout-regime radar. 




It’s finally here! After months of anticipation, Bergen County’s third Orangetheory has opened its doors, and – if the other two are any indication—those doors are going to have plenty of locals marching through them daily. The 60-minute total body “science-backed, technology-tracked” workout blends the energy of a group class with the guidance of a personal coach and it’s the perfect antidote to traditional gym workouts. The coolest part? You’ll track your heartbeat and performance metrics during your workout via a wearable arm band-style device and then get to celebrate your success at the end of each session. Staffers help you tailor your workout to your needs and pace – while still inspiring you to give it your all and make sure you hit “the orange zone” at some point during the class, which is what leads to real improvements in both how your body looks and, most important, how good you feel.

Orangetheory, 44 Farm View, Montvale, 201.285.7818


Bodyshop by TA

 After just one workout with trainer Thomas Anthony Jimenez, you’ll soon realize why the longtime fitness coach and weight-loss consultant has a cult following. First off, the guy’s motto is Put the least amount of effort into it, get the most of it, which just happens to be our attitude towards everything a lot of time, so we’re in, obvs. During a longtime stint at Body Chemistry in Norwood, he helped create some of Bergen County’s best bodies and, through his online programs he’s been able to craft customized fitness and nutrition for clients to help them reach their goals. Now, Jiminez has opened his own studio in Harrington Park, where you’ll be able to take part in his signature intense-but-fun workouts using a variety of training techniques including CrossFit, powerlifting, HIIT, and exercises that rely on your own bodyweight to combat boredom.

Bodyshop by TA, 76 Schraalenburgh Road, Harrington Park.


Let Loose NJ


Sure, there are times when all we want is to kill it with a cardio workout and feel a sense of pride for simply soaking our shirts with sweat, but there are other times when we just want to stretch those tight, tight muscles that we work so hard all week. And not only does it feel good, but it’s super beneficial, helping muscles to recover and minds to restore. This new venue offers something called Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), an innovative stretch therapy that focuses on planes of tissue, lines of muscles and fascia, helping with everything from low back pain to tight hips to range of motion issues to posture improvement. Let Loose promises you’ll see improvement with just one session but recommends trying it weekly for four to six weeks. (OK, twist our arm, literally.) While you’re there, check out its cryotherapy and IV Vitamin Drip services. 

Let Loose NJ, 20 Chestnut Ridge Road, Montvale, 201.961.3899

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