Looking for a Montessori School in Northern New Jersey? Apple Montessori Gets an A Plus (dedicated)

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Did you know that some of the most innovative and successful people of our time are Montessori educated? Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin; Amazon founder Jeff Bezos; and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, are a few heavyweights who attended a Montessori school. They’re great leaders, they think outside of the box, they’re able to adapt and reinvent themselves, they’re dedicated and determined, and they know how to communicate their ideas and collaborate with others.

Here in Bergen County, we’re lucky enough to have 15 Apple Montessori schools in New Jersey with programs tailored to infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners (years that are most crucial for the development of cognitive skills, practical abilities, and personality traits) in addition to an elementary school program at one of its Wayne locations. It’s clear Montessori Schools cultivate successful, well-rounded students in a nurturing learning environment based on Maria Montessori's beliefs that teachers are most successful when they embrace the idea that children are innately curious and give them the freedom to explore their own passions at their own pace. But Apple’s program goes a step further. Its proprietary Montessori Plus approach includes art and music enrichment, FasTracKids e-learning, foreign language, and character development that works to give kids an even bigger head start. And here’s perhaps the most impressive proof: Apple kindergarten students scored two years above their grade levels in reading, language, and math on average, with some scoring higher than a 4th grade level.


Bonus: Apple Montessori locations also offer summer camp programs that blend fun and education with daily swim lessons and STEAM-inspired programs like Young Scientists, Creative Kids, field trips and more. You can check out Apple Montessori School’s website to request a tour, find locations, and learn more. Or visit one of their upcoming open houses which start on January 23rd!


We can’t guarantee you’ll learn as much as the students, but it’s a start ...


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