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Yep, it’s true. You’ve definitely got that I’m-a-healthy-mom-in-great-shape vibe going on, and your daily routine speaks for itself: drop off kids at 9, run a 5K by 10, Pilates at 11… lingering fitness euphoria the rest of the day…

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get paid to do what you love and also have that work/life/workout balance at the same time?

Jumping Frog Pilates Teaching Academy is the perfect program for moms who are ready to go back to work or launch a new career.  Led by a staff of elite teacher trainers and a Master Second Generation teacher who have a combined 25 years of teaching experience, students (average age 35+) come with the commitment to learn the method and to help others feel strong, healthy and stable.  Like you, many come to Jumping Frog with interests and backgrounds such as nutrition coaching, physical therapy, athletics and weight-loss.  All are connected to their health in some way, and all want to help others find that same connection.

The Teacher Training course is flexible but intense at the same time. It’s an incredibly supportive group that bonds tremendously over the course of the program. Graduates have gone on to open their own facilities, work at national gyms, or teach at Jumping Frog Studios.  The certification also includes a business component to help candidates understand the business of pilates and yoga.  This fall there will be a hands-on internship for candidates who seek to understand how to build and grow their own fitness business.
The options are limitless as the Pilates industry is growing every year.

Jump on in!

JFP Teaching Academy
145 Piermont Road
Tenafly, NJ 07670


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