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Her jewelry might be on the necks, wrists, and fingers of some of Hollywood brightest stars, but Katie Diamond is still a Jersey girl at heart. After all, it’s where she was born and raised, married her husband, and settled down to raise her two gorgeous boys. It’s also where she launched her eponymous jewelry line back in 2007, a mix of luxe, handcrafted adornments—think necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets studded with black garnets, labradorite, lapis, and moonstone—inspired by her love of travel.

As she celebrates the one-year anniversary the latest jewel in her crown—her eponymous, drool-worthy boutique in Ridgewood— Dining Editor and Ridgewood mom Carla Sullivan sits down with the do-it-all designer to find out how she manages to sparkle brighter than ever. 

CS: I love your boutique, it has becomes such favorite among all the ladies in the know…How would you describe the aesthetic of your brand?
KD: I would say Bohemian-Luxe and definitely Effortless-Chic.
CS: Your jewelry designs are so unique and the brands you carry have such a cool vibe – what is your background?
KD: After attending FIT, I really didn’t know what to do with my life. I enrolled in three very different programs – pre-med at Fordham University, Yoga instruction training as well as a metal working class. I quickly learned that pre-med was not for me, but the metal-working and yoga stuck. I do still practice yoga but metal-working is what really clicked for me. As luck had it, my husband’s family was in the diamond business so I had a lot of resources and knowledge available to me.  Then, my friend opened up a showroom and loved my designs.  My first large order was from Fred Segal and it grew from there. I have been doing this for 13 years and the store is my newest venture. I really try to have items that are different yet accessible. I also try to keep it fresh so that each time you visit Katie Diamond you will find something new and unique.
CS: So why did you decide to open this fabulous boutique in Ridgewood?
KD: I grew up in Oakland and after living in NYC and Brooklyn felt that Bergen County was the best place to raise my family. I live up the street from the store and was always obsessed with this location. Who wouldn’t want to live within walking distance of their work? We still do production in Hackensack but with the store I have the ability to pop into my sons’ school to volunteer or to take them out for lunch. It’s an ideal situation.
CS: Do you have any advice on balancing motherhood, marriage and work?
KD: It wasn’t always this easy but now it’s working. My husband and I both have our own businesses and it has gotten to a stage that we can co-parent and share in the responsibilities for our kids. As a working mom, I think it’s impossible to do it alone. You have to let people help you, especially if you have your own business. I also think TIME is key. You need to carve out time for your husband as well as for your children. Doing special things with each person in your family individually on the level that they need at the time is important, whether it is being at their classroom for a special day or getting away with your significant other.
CS: What about you? Do you ever have the chance to carve out “me” time?
KD: I do but I am not a schedule person. I go on girl’s trips with my friends but to be honest, I enjoy what I do and am able to be myself and do things for myself within my work schedule.
CS: When going out with your husband in Bergen County do you have any favorite spots? What about with your sons?
KD: Dave and I love to go to S. Egidio in Ridgewood. It is just so warm and nice and the owner is so hospitable. We also really like the food at Village Green. My kids are of the age that we spend an inordinate amount of time on sports fields but when we are able to grab a bite as a family, Sook is hands down a Diamond family fave.
CS: Do you have any advice for women thinking about opening their own business?
KD: JUST DO IT! There are going to be plenty of people who will tell you all the reasons you CAN’T do it but if you have an idea that you think will work and a passion then go for it!
Katie Diamond Jewelry is located at 570 N. Maple Avenue in Ridgewood, (201) 857-3660
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