Holiday Gifts for All the Kids (they’re making their lists)

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Wondering what's on your son's or daughter's wish lists this season? To compile this holiday gift list we went right to the source- the kids! 

Dear Santa or Hanukkah Harry –

We hereby certify that the following kids have been good this year (most of the time). Please give their wish lists all due consideration unless they are asking for a pet. Then under no circumstances should you feel obligated to comply. No really. A squishy will be fine.


Ryan (11) would like anything from Vineyard Vines. Which is awesome because nothing is better than one-stop shopping.


Keelin (8) who was mesmerized by the underwater world after recently snorkeling for the first time, would like an underwater camera.


Kelly (6) wants a fashion mannequin, a sewing machine and a sketchbook for her ideas. Watch out, Tim Gunn, this fashionista is gonna “make it work”!



Serena (7) would like a kitten. She would really, really, really like a kitten. She is willing to consider trading her younger sister for the kitten if that’s what it takes to get the deal done.


Emma (5) would like bath bombs from Justice and an L.o.l Surprise Doll. LOL, might want to send an elf to camp out at Toys R Us to snag one of those super popular Big Surprises.


Cooper (3) would like a tent for his bed. He’ll need a good night’s sleep because he’ll wake up, hop in his Kids Quad and drive to work fixing stuff with his Black & Decker mechanical tools (kids version).


Style maven Casey (10) is all in on Zara, at a price point even a mother can love!


Kimberly (9) wants a camera so she can have photographic evidence that “it wasn’t me”.


Rose (8) and Charley (6) want a popcorn cart that stands in their kitchen and makes popcorn for Friday movie nights with mom.


Margaret (7 ¾) would like a little brother or sister. She has been told that this is NOT going to happen. So she’ll settle for Gabriela, American Girl’s Girl of the Year. And a gymnastics bar, “for flipping”. Mom is psyched about this one.


Brianna (9) wants wireless Beats headphones in the very on trend color rose gold.


Molly (6) would like Oonies and a sequin pillow that changes color so she can write love notes to her mom. Okay, we added that last bit in, but we’re sure that’s why she wants it, right?


Caitlin (11) is asking for gold Adidas Superstar sneakers, gymnastics mats and a fuzzy chair for her room because, tween.



Asher (13) would like wireless Beats, white hightop Nike Air Force 1 sneaker, khaki joggers and hoodies because, teen.


Paige (9) would like an American Girl wearing a Hermione outfit. Gryffindor (and strong female role models) forever!


Future architect, Harrison (4) would like Lego sets, a Little People construction set and a Magic Tracks car set. His parents would like a bottle of wine to drink while they assemble all of this on Christmas Eve.


Sam (11) is asking for an Echo Dot, wireless earbuds and Nike Elite anything.


Harlow (7) has been extra good and wants Fingerlings, Oonies, a balance beam, Ugg slippers, Just Dance 2018, a sequin interchangeable unicorn shirt and about a million other things. But she has been extra good (and she didn’t ask for a pet).


Jesse (17) is asking you to invest in his future iPhone X. He would also like Apple Air Pods and a MXMT watch.


Logan (14) is keeping with a basketball theme asking for a Pop-a-shot dual hoop and HoopBrightz basketball goal lights. He’d also take anything Supreme. You know, if you’re feeling generous.


Lily (10) would like an iPhone 8, gold hoop earrings, clothes from Zara and Kyrie Irving basketball sneakers.


Vance (4) would like a music stand for his “guitar sheet music” and a microphone.


Porter (2) is asking for all Paw Patrol all the time. Luckily, no job is too big, no pup is too small!


Aspen (4 months) would like a quiet spa day away from her loud brothers. You can just make the card out to her mom.



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