Hip Hop Fitness: 5 Instructors to Bring Out Your Inner Beyonce

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If you’re evenings include blasting music and a freestyle rump shake in the kitchen (cue to cringing offspring), you may want to consider taking your act into the studio for a non-judgmental, hip hop sweat sesh. You’ll not only burn a ton of calories, but you’ll leave, ego in tact, feeling younger and lighter. Here are 5 awesome hip hop fitness instructors who will help you unleash your inner Beyoncé.

Lindsay Drescher at Visions Sports Club Pearl River, NY

 If your idea of a perfect hour of fun fitness includes Jenny-from-the-block style combinations led by an infectiously passionate teacher, Lindsay Drescher’s Hip Hop Funk and Dance Fusion classes at Visions Sports Club in Pearl River will give you that fix and a serious calorie burn too. The harem pant, high top wearing booty-shaker gets her Bronx style from her full time teaching gig but moonlights by teaching her packed out classes 4 times a week (including weekends!) at Visions.

Jaclyn Alterwein, Escape Dance and Fitness at Mariann’s School of Dance, Paramus

 Loyal clients of Jaclyn Alterwein meet her Thursday nights in Paramus for a mix of what she calls an “escape from every day life” where she combines hip hop routines (one new routine per week) that strengthen the body with a weekly mantra that nourishes the soul. The former Knicks City Dancer and hip hop choreographer has been known to play everything from Reggae to Gaga, but her Escapers know that no matter what the tune, the groove is in the heart.


Cat Veca-Mejia at Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Tenafly, The GYM Englewood, Club Fit Teaneck, and Carve Your Body Emerson

 Get ready to bust a move when you experience Cat Veca-Mejia's high energy Rev Dance Workout which combines hip hop and a splash of Latin Salsa and Merengue. Teaching multiple classes at the JCC in TenaflyThe GYM in Englewood, Club Fit in Teaneck, and Carve Your Body in Emerson, it's easy to work up a sweat with Cat every day of the week. Whether you're an experienced dancer or have never danced before (at least in public), her easy to learn, repetitive combinations allows anyone to participate in this fun, high-spirited dance class. You'll catch her playing multicultural music ranging from Hip Hop to Reggae, Salsa and Pop creating the perfect "party" atmosphere.

Chris SantaMaria at The GYM Englewood

 If you take one of Chris SantaMaria's classes you are guaranteed three things: it will be filled, Beyonce will be played, and you will leave drenched and happy. THE GYM Englewood's Dance FitX instructor's formula of equal parts dance and fitness combines a short warm up with 45 minutes of easy-to-learn choreography which takes most dancers 3 classes to pick up- why it’s so addicting once you start.


Carly Harper at Surge Studio, Congers, NY

 You will instantly feel younger the first time you step into 25 year old Carly Harper's Surge Studio in Congers NY. Offering Cardio Hip Hop for beginner dancers who want simple but intense moves, Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop for those with some dance experience who want to learn mini-routines, and a super-fun class called P.U.M.P. where you dance in heels (and presumably take those moves back home once they are mastered), the schedule has a class for everyone.  Music ranges from current pop like Justin Bieber and Sia to old school classics from MJ. An added bonus: Carly has a full roster of youth classes for when your kids get the itch.

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