Here’s What to Expect at Studs, a Pretty New Piercing Palace in SoHo

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If you’ve got girls at home, chances are you all know your way around the inside of a Claire’s by now. But when your tweens and teens have outgrown the mall powerhouse and you still want to take them for a proper ear piercing and peruse some fun fashion jewelry, there’s a new posh player to consider: Studs, a stylish new studio in SoHo. The shop is focused, first and foremost, on what it calls “earscape,” the art and science of decorating one’s ear with personalized piercings and earrings, making way for serious self-expression.

Studs offers clients piercing services inside an Instagrammable space (think neon signs, backlight walls, and bench seating with metallic throw pillows) by trained professionals, aka earscape artists, who can answer questions, offer a consultation, and help guide guests in the right direction to make sure they get the best bling for their needs. Plus, they send helpful follow-up instructions via email to make sure every freshly pierced patron knows the right regimen for after-care.


Kaia Gerber recently helped put Studs on the social media map when the shop posted her fresh double-stud snake-bite to its Insta feed. Studs pierces with disposable needles (never guns) inside private piercing rooms and touts that its piercing jewelry is implant-grade and its prices are reasonable and transparent. Read: No surprises ... well, unless someone comes home with a nose ring.

12 Prince St., New York, NY 
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