Gym Owners’ and Top Trainers’ New Year’s Resolutions

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The New Year is upon us, which means fitness goals and lofty resolutions are floating like helium-filled thought balloons above our heads. Yet in spite of our best intentions… all we really want is to go a little easier on ourselves. Do not fear! It is possible to be kind to yourself—and still get in shape. Instead of asking, “what are you waiting for?” think: “what am I training for?” Here, the top trainers in Bergen give you the low down on their resolutions to get you inspired. Yes, you can do it. Ready, set, 2017!

Lisa Clark is a trainer and coach at Rise Fitness, Hohokus, NJ.
Resolutions: 1. MORE SLEEP- I have been an insomniac for years. I need to focus on the steps I need to take to combat this. I know it will make for a more productive day and a much healthier life.
2. VOLUNTEER. Now that both of our daughters are off at college, I find myself with "some" free time and would love to start volunteering. I am a huge dog person ~ we have two rescues ~ so going to look down that avenue (my poor husband is sure a third rescue dog will be on the way!)
3. READ. I am horrifically guilty of being under read. I'm lucky if I get the NY Post and Daily News in every morning but that's about it. 
4. CHALLENGE MYSELF!  There is an amazing group of members at Rise who this past year banded together and started to do Spartan races.  It sounds so fun and challenging but in all honesty, even after all my years of fitness, I feel quite intimidated.  So...with my 50th birthday looming ahead this coming March, I think it may be time to bite the bullet!
Kurt Ebneter has been in the fitness industry for 30 years including over 25 years as a certified personal trainer at Kaplen JCC on the Palisades in Tenafly. His new role as their Fitness Coordinator enables him to develop exciting new initiatives such as the Express Workout Series. 
Resolutions: I’m always passionate about helping people improve their health and quality of life so this year my ultimate goal is to find a better balance of life for myself. When it comes to resolutions, I tell people (and myself) less is more and to establish small, realistic goals that are not overwhelming. Reaching each of these smaller goals will help motivate you to keep moving forward towards your larger, end goal. 
Tamar Hersko works privately and at Underground Training in Tenafly NJ as a personal trainer. She also runs an all women's class called 'Girl Gang Bootcamp' at Maxability sports and CrossFit in Teaneck on Sunday mornings. 
Resolutions: To not lose myself in the noise of fitness trends and perfect the things I am great at.
Don't get me wrong there are so many wonderful new fitness concepts and training methods around that allows the experience of exercise to be great for every type of person. It's easy to want to dip your toe in everything. However, for me, it's about empowering my clients both mentally and physically, turning them into everyday athletes. Continuing my education in personal training and perfecting that, while staying true to what I am passionate about, is what will ultimately make me an even better trainer and in turn, help my clients reach their goals and be successful.
Guy Del Corso is a personal trainer at The Gym Montvale, NJ NPC Judge , NPC IFBB Chief Expeditor and Contest Prep coach for Bodybuidling, Bikini, Figure and Physique Competitions, being in the business for 45 years.
1. Live for the moment.
2. Laugh as much as you can, as often as you can.
3. Love deeply and love everything around you.
If you have all three of these things in the New Year, you can’t miss on anything you want to accomplish in 2017.
Alexandra Champ is a co-owner and pilates instructor at Jumping Frog in Tenafly, founder and running coach at Learn to RUN LLC and girls LAX coach and co-founder of Learn2LAX.
Resolutions:  My New Year's resolution is to enjoy more of my "moments" rather than photographing them, posting them, or working while they are happening. No more phone during my runs on a beautiful day outside, no more videos of birthdays— just enjoy watching them all in real time.
 Daine Chang is a fitness trainer and instructor at Retro Fitness in Tenafly.
Resolution: To be a better person in life to my friends and family by making time to enjoy them more.
Brian Hernandez is the gym owner of VIP Fitness Center in Cliffside Park and Fort Lee, NJ.
Drink one gallon of distilled water per day.
Drink five cold press green juices per week. 

Diane Hughs Hunt  is a nutritional coach and trainer whose motto is “inspiring others to take care of their health" on
Resolutions: 1. Wake up at 5am and work out before you have time to make excuses as to why you can't. 2. Commit to drinking more water, my goal is half your body weight in ounces. 3. Doing at least 1 family exercise all together such as walking, hiking, snowboarding, or doing a yoga class.
Lauren Kerin is the co-owner and trainer at Truefit Gym in Tenafly, she also teaches at Zing Tenafly, Jumping Frog Tenafly and Shukokai in Tenafly.
Resolutions: I believe in setting one goal at a time. Completing it, then setting another. Beginning this journey in the new year seems appropriate, however, I believe this process should continue throughout the whole year. It can be anything in a person's life that needs bolstering. In any case, if the goal is too big or complicated it becomes difficult to achieve. My fitness goal for 2017 is to become a certified yoga instructor. My life goal is to 'let go' of anything in my life that doesn't serve me. Here's wishing everyone a content and healthy 2017!
Hillary Wellisch is a co-owner of Body Burn Barre in Tenafly where she teaches a fast-paced barre class.
Resolutions: Be present (especially unplugged time with my family), do more yoga and read more books.
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