Gifts for the Grad: Bergen Style

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You’re so proud.  They worked hard, made it through and you couldn’t be happier. Yeah, yeah, and that tear in your eye is “just your allergies”.  Celebrate their success with something they’ll love, and that will remind them of family after they’ve left the nest.

They will be ready to rock with these super cool speakers which connect wirelessly to a device for the ultimate sound and allow them to change tracks via their phone.  ($199.95, Beats By Dre Pill Speaker Box in Red, available to order from Ron

A gentle, comfortable, stylish reminder to keep mom in the loop. ($99, Call Your Mother Pillow, available to order on Alexandra

They will take school spirit to another level with these college game day Iphone Cases.  ($25, Custom IPhone Case from

A safe and trendy place to stash her IPad, personalization too.  ($155 Plain/ $165 Personalized, Graphic Image Tye Dye IPad Case, available to order from Neiman Marcus)

They’re worried about their roommate, you’re worried about them making it on their own.  Arm them with this College Survival Kit and put your mind at ease.  ($25, College Survival Kit from Pinch Provisions, available to order online)

Home is where the heart is.  Keep them “jersey strong” with these fun state necklaces that they will wear with pride.  ($89 plus shipping, available to order on

Pack positive vibes, inspire, and keep them focused with a tin of quotes from QuoteYak.  Choose from mantras like “I Am Scholar” or “I Am Leader”.  (starting at $20, available online at

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