Curbside Confections Brings Something Sweet to Park Ridge, NJ

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There's a good chance in the last few years, you've attended an event in which the ending is even more exciting than the beginning. We're talking about the part where a shiny food truck rolls up filled with thousands of pieces of candy (or more recently, donuts, hot chocolate, and even Chick-fil-A), letting your childlike spirit — or your actual child — literally feel like a kid in a candy store while making your selections. Now, the same team behind this simple yet genius concept has opened its first retail store right in Bergen County, and your child's (and your own) wishes have come to life.


Curbside Confections, the sweet food truck taking over an event near you, has laid down physical roots on Kinderkamack Road in Park Ridge, with its bright and delightful store. The first step inside the store leads you to a sugary paradise beneath glimmering chandeliers, where beloved candy options abound, along with sure-to-please unique gift ideas for all ages. 


Candy options include chocolate covered pretzels and gummy bears, kid-fave Slime Lickers, chocolate and gummy bandaids, oversized lollipops filled with jolly ranchers, a taffy station, Unicorn Dust and Dinosaur Poop, and so much more. It even has a Pucker Powder Candy Art station for sugar-filled dreams come true. Plus, they feature an adult treat section with champagne lollipops. And sticking to the sweet theme, Curbside Confections offers plush pillows shaped like Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, M&Ms, donuts, and cookies.


Right now, you can also find Valentine's Day-themed gifts including cozy heart pajama shorts, pink makeup bags, and heart eye masks, along with chocolate roses, and 'LOVE' jelly bean boxes. In addition to selling holiday gifts, Curbside Confections may be your new go-to gift spot for any type of celebration (particularly when you're stuck scrambling an hour before a birthday party). Along with pajama bottoms and plushies, the store stocks scrunchies, candy-themed books and games, arts and crafts options, fuzzy blankets, Marvel mugs and hats, and jewelry, among other brightly-colored trinkets. 


Having trouble deciding what to buy for a birthday, particularly with so many choices? Grab a gift box and customize it with goodies of your choice, to gift a more personalized present. And speaking of birthdays, on-brand with their food truck offerings, Curbside Confections will be hosting small events in-store, too, in their separate open space which serves as a blank canvas for your vision. The event space includes a separate entrance for guests, and you can work with their event team to plan your party's activities and decorations. 


The next time you need a dose of sweetness, heading to Curbside Confections to find your fix.


Curbside Confections
130 Kinderkamack Rd., Park Ridge
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