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With soft, dim lighting, the right music, and a cozy place to kick back and relax, almost anything can happen this holiday season- raucous laughter, family bonding, peace, love and joy for even the most challenging extended family members, and hey, maybe even a little rekindled romance between you and the hubbs.

A rockin’ home audio system, personalized home theater or some home automation (insta-mood-switch-controlled window coverings, lighting and great energy savings) with the help of Front Row Residential Entertainment Systems can hit all of the right buttons for you, and so much more.

Picture this: state-of-the art video projection, your entire media library, games, movies, and TV faves all in one place, all from the comfort of your very own home. Or surround sound audio playing holiday music one Saturday night and acoustic the next. Owner and A/V expert Rick Rosenberg will transform your family room or living room into a custom home theater multiplex that can easily exceed the performance of a commercial movie theatre. Hidden equipment, the latest high-tech features, and superb design all mean that your rooms are as multifunctional and highly desirable as you are. And the best part? They will work within any budget and fix malfunctions or outdated work if necessary. 

For a limited time, Front Row Residential is offering a free home consult before November 30th (a $195 value).

Now that’s what we call a turn-on.

Front Row Residential Entertainment Systems
Rivervale, NJ

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