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They say the family that plays together, stays together. For us, that means a mind-clearing yoga session. For the ball and chain, it means getting his Michael Phelps on in the swimming pool. And for the kids, well, that means watching them do whatever the heck they want to do. Now, with Life Time Athletic opening its doors in Montvale, we can satisfy every member of our active family in one visit!

In advance of its grand opening, we got a special sneak-peek, and boy, were we blown away! With its resort-like atmosphere, luxurious locker rooms, full-service spa, and café serving fresh and healthy food, we don’t consider Life Time Athletic to be a gym at all. Clocking in at over 105,000 square feet, this $50 million physical fitness palace features a grip of top-notch amenities guaranteed to energize your health and wellness goals. In the words of one woman we overheard during our visit, “this place is like being a kid in a candy store!”

Not that you’re likely to gain an ounce while you’re here. In addition to a weighty schedule of group fitness classes, each led by “best in class” instructors, Life Time Athletic boasts a full fleet of cutting-edge workout equipment; indoor and outdoor pools, complete with a giant two-story water slide for kids (and the kid in all of us); individual studios devoted to indoor cycling, Pilates, and yoga, and so much more.

Not only is this incredible destination great for adults, it’s equally amazing for kids, with a wide array of sports and athletic classes for toddlers, tweens, and teens. And if you sign them up for Life Time Athletic’s “Kids Academy” (for ages 3 months to 11 years), they’ll get their pick of programs ((ballet, basketball, gymnastics, martial arts, and swimming, just to name a few), plus special deals on summer camp, birthday parties, and “Parents Night Out,” a free service that provides kids with a night of fun and games while parents enjoy a well-deserved night out on the town.

Feeling pumped yet?

Life Time Athletic Montvale
295 Grand Ave?, Montvale

Spin Room


Indoor Pool


Kids Play Area

Kids Computer Room

Spa Waiting Area

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