Englewood NJ Couple Serves Up Food Your Kid Will Actually Eat

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By now you probably know about Yumble, the meal delivery service for kids that was founded by Bergen Mama Joanna Parker and her husband, David. You may also know that they went on Shark Tank and after hearing their pitch, Bethany Frankel offered them $500,000 and agreed to be their spokesperson. Maybe you even know that this Englewood couple is on a mission to make parents’ lives easier by delivering nut-free, kid-friendly, nutritionist approved meals to their doorstep each week. And you’re thinking, “Hm. Should I try it?” Well, that’s what we were thinking. So we did. Try it, we mean. Here’s what we thought:


First of all, the packaging is adorable and all the food arrived still perfectly chilled and with the ice packs barely melted thanks to the recycled packing materials they provide inside the box. All meals come with heating instructions clearly stated on their labels and we’re just wondering why not all prepared foods come with directions that are so easy to follow. The food looks appealing and smells great while it’s heating. Bonus: our 9-year old tester could not get enough of the enclosed coloring pages. Also included were Yumble coins which are tokens with different values. The Yumble coins come with each shipment and kids can collect them and trade them in for prizes. The 9-year old treats them like they are solid gold. 

Okay, super. But how does the food TASTE? Our finicky tester polished off the Cheesy Rotini (rotini baked with mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce) with green beans and gave it high marks. She was also a fan of the Bowl of Yays, beef Bolognese sauce with rotini (anyone see a pattern?)


Other favorites were the cheeseburger pocket with loaded mashed potatoes, the pizza pocket with cheesy mashed potatoes and broccoli, the turkey pinwheels with edamame and dried apricots and the pizza panini with corn, organic veggie sticks and organic trail mix. 


Full disclosure, our tester may not have gotten to sample much of the trail mix because it's possible that her mother might have helped herself to more than her share. In fact, we might go so far as to suggest that you not even let your kid try the trail mix so you can have it all to yourself. We would also suggest that you hide the sun butter protein balls. They were a big hit not only with our tester but also with her teenaged siblings. Needless to say, our next order will include multiples of that particular deliciousness. 

One last thing. The Yumble portions are gracious and should satisfy most kids in the under 10 set. Our tester filled up on one Yumble and went to bed happy. 


For more information or to sign up for your first delivery of stress-free kids’ meals, visit the Yumble website. Bergen Mama readers can save 30% on their first two weeks of Yumble meals by entering the promo code “bergenmama30” at checkout. 


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