The Elisabeth Morrow School Announces a New Preschool Program for 2-year-olds [dedicated]

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It’s hard to believe how fast your two-year-old is changing. It seems like their vocabulary and comprehension of the world doubles every day, which is good news because now you can actually engage in meaningful dialogue with your child. Furthermore, two-year-olds are learning to negotiate and “I do it” is a frequent refrain. While this may be challenging for families, the need to negotiate and the desire to be independent are traits of emergent social and emotional development, two areas which are most effectively nurtured and encouraged in a structured learning environment. And just in time, The Elisabeth Morrow School has announced a new 2s program to harness all that emerging brain power.


The new program has been designed specifically to precede and complement the entire early childhood learning experience offered at EMS. This all-day (8:15 am – 2:30 pm) program provides the youngest students with an early education experience that integrates both active and restorative periods with specialized learning. The teachers and specialists in the EMS Early Childhood Education program have given careful and thorough consideration to the stages of development for children of this age and have created a program that recognizes both age-typical focus and stamina.


Students in the 2s program will learn in spaces that are both open and collaborative as well as cozy and contained. The 2s classroom environment will encourage exploration, problem-solving, and critical thinking. The curriculum, established by the early childhood staff of highly trained teachers, will be developmentally appropriate and will include dynamic learning experiences


Starting in the 3s program, students will also have the option of the new “PreCore” program from 7:45 am – 8:10 am. This program starts the day with physical activity and sensory experiences. The Encore extended learning program will also run from 2:30 pm – 6 pm and may include instrumental music lessons,  "Young Architects" construction, and multi-genre dance. 


The Elisabeth Morrow School is an independent day school serving children age two through eighth grade. EMS is distinctive for its 90-year history on the Dwight Morrow estate and its rigorous educational experience. The wooded campus includes nature trails, working gardens, technology and science labs, three playgrounds, and outdoor patios attached to many classrooms. Students have the opportunity to learn both inside and outside the classroom on 14 acres of open space and wooded areas. 


Applications are now being accepted for the new 2s program and the 2020 school year. There will be an open house for the 2s program on January 24, 2020. RSVP to 201.568.5566 ext. 7212 or For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Marisa Bholan at 201.568.5566 ext. 7185 or  


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