Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Perhaps you've been eyeing that pool build or new patio for a while, but it's just not in the plans at the moment. While a big outdoor overhaul is more than nice, there are more simple -- and more cost-effective -- ways to upgrade your outdoor space for the season, so you can sit back and relax, or entertain in your domain.


Bring the Indoor Outside Just as you personalize your indoor space with artwork and décor you like, the same can be done for your outdoor space. If the weather allows, invest in some outdoor décor items to add small touches of elegance to your entertaining space. Down to Earth Living in Pomona offers items such as decorative lanterns, ceramic pots and planters, and nature-inspired table decor, which can spruce up dining tables, side tables and deck or patio space. Just be sure to store it somewhere safe in stormy weather.


Add One Unique Piece Choose a conversation piece that offers functionality, color and design. Look for mosaic-top side tables, colorful indoor/outdoor bar carts and hanging wicker baskets to add some oomph to an otherwise monotone space. Outdoor rugs will also create a central gathering space and can add color and design to your seating area. At Backyard Living in Ridgewood, find colorful wind sculptures for your garden that make a statement.


Create Mini Escapes When you're unable to plan a real vacation during the summer, add some tranquil touches to your outdoor space that mimic the feel of a mini getaway. Look for bamboo decor such as wind chimes, or go on an escape to the caribbean with pastel accent pillows or painted repurposed chairs. Hang fade- and water-resistant light colored curtains to beams or pergolas to create shade and sophistication. You'll get that island feel as soon as you walk outside. For true relaxation, top your outdoor furniture off with a colored swinging chair or standing hammock, such as those from Ski Barn in Paramus.

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