Down to Earth Living Brings Style to Your Backyard in Bergen County (dedicated)

Ask us what we’re looking forward to most this summer, it’s not traveling somewhere fabulous or hitting the beach. It’s just hanging in our own backyard. Yep, balmy weather + a glass of wine + a good book requiring just a 30-second walk out the back door sounds kind of like heaven right about now. But the key to making it even better? Amazing outdoor furniture. We know, we know: The options are endless and figuring out what fits best for your home and family can seem daunting. Luckily, Pomona-based Down to Earth Living with its massive and unique selection of outdoor furniture, home décor, plants and gardening supplies, is here to help. The company is celebrating its 49th year in Rockland County and has a 10,000-square-foot showroom and adjacent 14 acres of trees, shrubs and flowers. We talked to founder Stuart Leventhal, the outdoor furniture expert, to get his top tips for creating an amazing oasis in your own backyard.  


Try It Out

Buying paper towels and batteries online is great. Buying outdoor furniture? Not so much. “I’m a firm believer in the idea that comfort is the most important factor when it comes to selecting outdoor furniture, and nothing can substitute for actually sitting in the chair or on the couch you are considering,” according to Leventhal. “Buying from an area retail store provides you with this opportunity which online purchasing doesn’t.”

Ask Away

Be sure to ask what material the frame is made of, the expected lifespan of the furniture, and the manufacturer’s warranty. Ask the same questions about the cushions. Will they wear well over two years, five years, or longer? “There is no one more qualified than the manufacturer to predict the lifespan of your furniture,” he says. “Your sales associate should be able to answer your questions directly. If the sales associate doesn’t take an interest in your questions before the sale, they certainly won’t take an interest later on if you have an issue.”


Consider Location

Leventhal also advises taking into consideration where exactly you’ll be putting the furniture. Will it be covered most of the time by an overhang or subject to weather changes? Is it under trees or out in the sun? Also think about what you want to add to the overall look and consider accessorizing with vases, lanterns, and potted plants.


Keep Material in Mind

“Choose material that will stand up easily to day-to-day outdoor living,” he says. “Will it be necessary to store the furniture during the winter or can it be simply covered?” Cushioned chairs tend to feel softer than solid metal ones and are more inviting. You can always add pads to metal chairs to change the overall look and style and make them more comfortable. And be sure to ask your sales associate about how easy maintenance is for specific pieces and materials, including the frame and the cushions so that  your furniture will last as long as possible.


Think Long-Term

Invest in a set that you know is going to last. “The value of your new outdoor furniture lies in your appreciation of the style, but also in the expected lifespan and, finally, the price,” explains Leventhal. “Well-made, good-looking furniture should provide you with many years and even a decade of comfort.”

Measure. Measure. Measure.

Come armed with the measurements of the areas you’re looking to fill with fabulous outdoor furniture before you hit the store. “Take pictures of the area you are going to furnish and identify the direction of the sun,” Leventhal adds. “This will make your shopping experience easier and more successful.”


Trust Your Gut

Leventhal’s most important piece of advice? When it comes to color, texture, and design, make sure to do one thing: “Select what makes you smile when you see it on the showroom floor.”


Down to Earth Living 
1040 Route 45, Pomona, NY
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