Day Camp in the Park is the Best of Summer Life [dedicated]

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Waaaay back in the dark ages, when people had to get out of their seats to change the channel on the television and phones had cords, Ken Glotzer, teacher, visionary and Director of Day Camp In The Park, had a vision. He wanted to create a summer day camp in a bucolic setting that would give kids the opportunity to grow up at their own pace. Forty years later, even as life moves faster than ever, Day Camp in the Park gives kids the opportunity to slow down, breathe, play on the lake and just be kids. 


Day Camp in the Park aims to be a safe haven for kids to grow physically, emotionally and socially. This wasn’t the easiest thing to do in 1979 and it sure isn’t now. Phones, electronics and social media give modern kids access and exposure to far more information than they can process. Which is why DCITP employs not only teachers in almost every leadership role, but also has a social worker on site, helping kids to let go and have fun even as they learn to grapple with increasingly complicated issues at an increasingly young age. 


At Day Camp in the Park, campers are encouraged to experiment and try new things, or build existing skills, under the watchful eye of certified teachers. Within each camp period, kids have a choice of activities based on their location. For example, the basketball courts, softball field, archery range, and climbing wall are all adjacent to each other. So during a single period, campers can choose to participate in any one of those activities. This structure is made possible due to the low counselor-to-camper ratio of 3-4 kids per counselor in the older groups and 1-2 kids per counselor in the younger groups. 


Your child will have access to over 100 activities including kayaking, music, climbing, dodgeball, dance, skateboarding, even jewelry making, play production, talent shows, karate, gymnastics, ceramics, and, yes, learning about frogs, snakes, and turtles. Kids have access to 50 boats perfect for exploring the four miles of lakefront shoreline. Campers will start every day with a swim lesson in the in-ground, heated pool and then test their new skillz in the magnificent waterpark on majestic Lake Tiorati. On rainy days, indoor cabins ensure your kids have fun rain or shine!


The camp is located on a 500-acre nature preserve on the refurbished site of a former sleepaway camp. Transportation is available for most campers and hot lunches are provided for an additional fee. 


For a summer camp experience that’s like the ones we had back in the good old days, Day Camp in the Park can’t be beat. For more information, email or call 845-638-2515.


Day Camp In The Park
6 Kendall Dr. New City NY
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