Cyclebar Spin Studios Open In Bergen County NJ

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Like aerobics was to the '80s and step was to the '90s, indoor cycling – that face-paced super-duper calorie burner of a workout– will probably go down in fitness history as the trendy exercise class of the current decade. And there looks to be no end in sight…at least around here. We had two new outposts of the super popular CycleBar spin studio franchise recently open in Bergen County and another on the horizon.

If you're not familiar with CycleBar think of it as a sort of love child of Soul Cycle and Fly Wheel. The 50-minute classes are high energy thanks to a DJ booth that pumps out a variety of upbeat music (and you can download the playlist after class if you fall in love with any of the tunes) and bikes with LED lighting that you can adjust to your level in a tiered-seating “CycleTheatre” stadium setting.


Bonus: There's no membership required, so you can just pay as you go and even sign up for classes up to a week in advance. CycleBar also provides everything from cycle shoes and water to an aromatherapy cool down, fresh fruit, toiletries and towels free of charge. Oh, and the clean and gorgeous locker rooms with really nice showers kinda' make you feel like you're at a spa (without the massage part).


The new Wyckoff location was just opened last month by owner Pedro Trujillo, who says he's hoping to get a community vibe going by hosting local fundraising events. For newbies, you can sign up for a free 30-minute ride to learn the basics; buy 3- or 10-packs that come out to just $10 a class; or – for those who really want to commit –  he's offering a grand opening package of 150 classes for 9 bucks each. Meanwhile, the owner of the even newer CycleBar at Hudson Lights in Fort Lee is offering similar specials (same as the above, but the 150-pack is $12 per class) and will launch another location at the buzzy new Closter Plaza soon. Until then, sign up to be notified for the grand opening festivities, where the studio will be giving away 2,500 free rides during November.

Our calves are sore already … 

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