Choose Your Own Adventure at Lindgren Camp in Closter NJ (dedicated)

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During the school year, our kids have to tackle lots of things they may not be super stoked about (hello math homework and spelling tests). But come June, we’re all about loosening up the schedule to allow them a choose-your-adventure summer. And that’s exactly why we’re big fans of Lindgren Camp in Closter.  

The day camp encourages kids to decide how they want to spend their days, whether it’s playing games, painting a picture, learning to swim, taking on the drums, or making mud pies (or real pies!) 

Just spending the day in the wooded oasis full of outdoor grounds and pavilions is cool to begin with and the camp offers plenty of fresh air fun like hiking, organic gardening, sports, and exploring nature. The wide array of other activities includes arts and crafts, stitchery and beading, woodworking, cooking, yoga, theater, dance, singing, and music, so it won’t possible for your kids to ever be bored. And each department is staffed by Lindgren teachers, local elementary teachers and area artisans who are eager to share their talents with campers. 

Each day starts off with counselors and a troop meeting for morning roll call, and there are set times for lunch and swim lessons, but otherwise, campers are free to spend the day as they wish, with whom they wish, in any of Lindgren Camp’s multiple activity areas.


The camp offers a country atmosphere that truly engages and inspires campers - and lets children be children. We’re officially looking for a similar moms-only camp with fun activities where we can socialize, try something new every day, have someone make us lunch, and come home as happy as our kids are at Lindgren Camp. We’ll keep you posted ...  


Lindgren Camp
211 Irving Ave, Closter, NJ
(201) 768-3550
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