Bergen BBQ- Memorial Day Weekend Edition


Two weeks.  Two weeks left before you have to pull together the most fun, most delicious, most glorious Memorial Day Weekend Barbeque.  Well, this calls for some serious guidelines-

Check out our step-by-step guide to throwing a fabulous Memorial Day soiree in Bergen:

Invite your guests using Paperless Post, fine stationary over the internet.  Check out the spring and summer options.  Be green and stylish!

Request flora from Dean Street Greenery (201-816-0100) for your tabletop décor. The talented florists at the corner shop will create a festive arrangement in one of their galvanized silver buckets and send it over to your home.  Fill it with blue and white hydrangea or thistle and American Flags and create instant mood.

Order fruit and vegetable platters from Julio’s Fruit Boutique in Teaneck for the freshest produce-delivered right to your doorstep quicker than you can say “timesaver”.

Imbibe “Gran Vina Sangria” pre-made and bottled Sangria.  Stop by Whole Foods Market in Paramus and pick up a few bottles.  No more mixing and cooling overnight.  Muy deliciosa!

Grill meats from the famous Niman Ranch because after all, great meat = great BBQ.  And yes, you can order directly from their website. Meats are flash frozen and vacuum packed and can stay in your freezer for up to three months.  Want something more local?  Fairway Market in Paramus ages their own and has a huge selection including everything from organics to kosher.  Pop into Balthazar Bakery in Englewood for the freshest baked buns and heaps of other sweet and savory treats. 

Spin some Bebel Gilberto and Best of Gipsy Kings on your sound system and create a chill vibe.

Queue up the play list while your hubby (chef, boy-toy, manservant) works the grill.

Sit back, pour yourself a glass of sangria, and let the fete begin!

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