Bergen Mamas Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

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Oh, It’s the Most Wonderful Time…..Of the Year. And even if they’ve been naughty, they still deserve the coolest, hottest gifts around. So check out our picks (all kid-approved) and find them something ah-mazing this holiday season.  And you know what, in keeping with the giving theme, we are celebrating our fans with our biggest giveaway to date. Check out Bergen Mama’s 12 Days of Holiday Gifting Giveaway, where you can enter each day to win over $2,000 of our favorite holiday merch. Enter here for a chance to win, and keep checking our Facebook page daily for more.

Whether you've got a daredevil on your hands or just a kid who likes to kick around in the driveway, Sbykes will bring on the fun.  Part bike, part board, this next wave of scooter may even entice you to get on for a ride.  (Sbyke P16, recommended for ages 5+, $142, available on Amazon and Sbyke P20, recommended for ages 8+, $231, available on Amazon)

Only the best for your little fashionista, who will shine bright this season with wardrobe "essentials" from a few of our favorite local shops. 

(Gold Plated Initial Earrings, $100 from Marcia's Attic for Kids, 29N Dean St, Englewood, 201-894-5701, Rabbit Fur Coat, $112 and Survolte "Coco" Mini Bag, $48, both available from Pumpkin & Bean, 55 N. Dean St, Englewood, 201-503-9001)

A certain 6 year old has literally been begging for Zoomer, the robotic dog, which is "remarkably puppy-like" and is the size of a small pup too.  The pet performs tricks while running off a rechargable internal batter that lasts for 30 minutes of playtime. (Available from $75 online at various retailers but we found it online at

For those who want to party with their robot, Disco Robo has 56 bot-booty-shakin' moves and uses technology to dance to the beat, plus facial expressions. (Will be released pre-Christmas email the company to get an update for when it's available, $45, from Tosy)

Marine-life lovers will ooh and aah at this Jellyfish Art tank which includes moon jellyfish, the tank and all fixin's for an easy set up.  Warning: this product has been known to cause innocent bystanders to stare at it endlessly.  (Jellyfish kits start at $366 and are available to order from Jellyfish

Take hot wheel playtime to the next level and let him make his own with this Hot Wheels Toys R Us Car Maker kit. ($34.99, available from Toys-R-Us)

They will be cruisin' in this stylish, over-the-top, Range Rover Sport built for little ones which rides at 12V speed, reverses and plays their favorite tunes from it's sound system. ($399, available from Toys-R-Us)

Instagram-lovin' tweens and teens will actually thank you for The Selfie, which prevents those awkward cut-off-head shots. ($19.95, available on

Cold Weather = Indoor Games. The whole family will love this electronic chess game Talking Electronic Chess Master which is armed with 40 famous games played by chess masters and will advise against unwise or illegal moves. ($49.95 from Young Explorers)

And who doesn't love Simon, the retro game which tests memory skills with a sequence of flashing lights, now back for your family's entertainment. ($27.95, from Young Explorers)

Who says girls can't build things?  We are obsessing over these Goldieblox toys which include books and construction sets aimed at improving spatial skills and teaching engineering concepts to your little lady. ($29.99 available from

Keep em' warm this season with our favorite cold weather accessories, like these Neon Eaters Hero Knit Beanies ($22 available from and Betsy Johnson Funfetti Hat and Mittens Set ($28.50 and $25.50 from Marcia's Attic for Kids, 29N Dean St, Englewood, 201-894-5701)

Promising a "nerdgasm" in every delivery, this monthly subscription will give "nerds" (or just kids who really love star wars, nintendo and other awesome brands) fun products and collectibles on a monthly basis.  (Subscriptions start at $19.99, available from

Keep your tots hands off your phone with Nabi Jr., a tablet aimed at the preschool set which connects via wifi and includes over 1,000 downloadable apps for games, music, art, math and more and operates without any cartridges.  ($139.99, available on

Put the pleas for furry friends to rest with Chatimals Talking Hamster who can echo words in funny voices and is still plush enough to snuggle with.  ($21.53, available on

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