Bergen Mama’s Exclusive Interview with Peyton List

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With back to school looming, your tweens are probably wondering what their fall wardrobe will look like.  We chatted up Disney star Peyton List, Emma from the hit show “Jessie”, to find out what she’ll be wearing to class this year and how she spends a typical chilly fall day.

Q: What do you love about Fall time and back to school?
A: I love the crisp air of fall and of course back to school shopping. I love getting new pencils, notebooks and folders. I am in search of a brown leather backpack and a pair of cute sneakers to pair with a fall floral dress.

Q: What is your favorite fall accessory?
A: Backpacks! Definitely my favorite fall accessory.

Q: What is your average, go-to outfit during chilly months?
A: A comfy over-sized sweater, leggings, a scarf, and a cute knit beanie.

Q: On chilly mornings are you more of a snuggle-under-covers person or a bundle-up-and-go-out person?
A: Snuggle-under-covers with my dog, Windsor and a warm cup of green tea

Q: Who is your fashion icon? Why?
A: I love wearing bandanas in my hair and emulating Rosie the Riveter’s look. She was a cultural icon of the US.

Q: How does your fashion sense differ from your character’s style on JESSIE?
A: Emma is preppy and tends to play it safe when it comes to her personal style. I like to be on the playful yet adventurous side. I love playing up on classic looks from the 50’s or 70’s. I don’t think Emma would be bold enough to emulate a look from another era.

Q: What advice do you have for young girls who are going back-to-school shopping for all the fall trends?
A: Don’t follow what everyone else is wearing or buying. If you like it, own it. Chances are you could end up setting trends rather than being that person who follows them.

Come meet Peyton and see her Fall fashion picks at the Back To School Saturday event at the Garden State Plaza on Saturday, August 9 at 11 am!

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