Bergen County Frozen Yogurt Roundup

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With all the craziness in the world, isn’t it nice to know that there are “live and active cultures” right around the corner worth sinking your teeth into? The hottest thing to hit Bergen since putting toppings on things became a “thing,” we can’t tell you how excited we are that frozen yogurt shops are popping up all over town. Which ones are worth the price per weight? Who has the most gourmet flavors? The freshest toppings? We’ve done the field work, fellow Froyoans, so grab a spoon and check out our guilt-free sweet roundup below.

Twist (163 Westwood Ave, Westwood)
The Vibe:  Lounge-like.  Large, cozy booths and flat screen TVs line the walls- making it tough to leave.
The Yo:  “It’s all about the taste” says owner Charles Goldberg.  Taste so good we’d swear the vanilla fro yo is really soft serve ice cream.
What’s On Top?  The largest self-serve toppings bar (75 options!) which changes seasonally, like Jordan Almonds and Peeps during Easter.
Why it’s Worth A Trip…. The Frozen Twist concept, allowing customers to blend their flavors with their favorite toppings. And try the Strawberry Smoothie made with real strawberries, it’s noteworthy.

Let’s Yo! (501 Rt. 17 South, GAP Shopping Plaza, Paramus)
The Vibe:  Clean by any neat freak’s standards.  Ipads on all the tables.  Friendly Staff.
The Yo:  Flavors were sheer bliss, especially the Cinnamon Bun and Salted Caramel. 
What’s On Top?  A pre-fill of toppings lets you dust your bowl before you Yo.  Then choose from syrups, fruit, whipped cream and more.
Why it’s Worth A Trip…. We loved the “free topping day” concept, where you load up on a select topping at no cost.  Gourmet coffee is available too- making a winter visit enticing.

Planet Swirl (119 E Main St, Ramsey)
The Vibe:  Fun by any galactic standards. Think plush purple booths and ultra-cool, futuristic décor.
The Yo:  Taste and texture are both out of this world.  Faves include the Dutch Choc, Alpine Vanilla, and Cookies and Cream.
What’s On Top?  Includes a pre-fill option. We loved the full Chips Ahoy Cookies and Cookies and Cream Clusters. 
Why it’s Worth A Trip…. Cute names like “You Got Your Chocolate in My Peanut Butter!”

Cups (2210 Bergen Town Center, Paramus)
The Vibe:  Design is hip and fun and based on the “Cups” theme (think pinup girls), rockin’ beats.
The Yo:  Pure yum.  And cool flaves like “Root Beer Float” and frozen “Greek Yogurt”. 
What’s On Top? You won’t find any cones here.  But you will find toppings like Bursting Bobas and Cookie and Cream Clusters.
Why it’s Worth A Trip…. With a vast array of flavors in their arsenal, regulars will never get bored.

Krazee Kups (168 Kinderkamack Rd, Park Ridge)
The Vibe: Spacious quarters makes it a hang out, plus the outdoor seating.  Candy available for sale too. 
The Yo:  10 flavors in total, which they change frequently.  Favorites included Milky Way, Cookies and Cream, and Cake Batter.
What’s On Top? Featuring over 30 toppings, from fruits to nuts to candies to syrups.
Why it’s Worth A Trip…. A lot of non-fat “real” tasting flavors. 

Red Mango (24 West Railroad Avenue, Tenafly)
The Vibe:  Signature eye-catching red-and-white color scheme keeps it hip.  Tons of grab-and goers.
The Yo:  Never overly sweet, fans enjoy specialties like White Peach and Black Cherry What’s On Top?  40 toppings that change regularly.  Think Skittles, Ghirardelli syrup, and Rice Krispie Treats.
Why it’s Worth A Trip…. You can still live Gluten Free at this local fave. 

Frozen Peaks (Bergen Town Center Rte 4 E & Forest Ave, Paramus)
The Vibe:  Perfectly sized, colorful and bright.
The Yo:  Flavors that caught our taste buds like Red Velvet Cake.
What’s On Top?  Over 45 toppings to choose from.
Why it’s Worth A Trip…. Bobby’s Burger Palace + Frozen Peaks = one happy family

Blueberry (139 Franklin Tpke, Mahwah)
The Vibe: Stylish, clean, complete with flashing lights and great music…we felt like we’d walked into a party.
The Yo: As the name would imply, the fruit flavors are spotlighted here- one trusty taste tester swore the raspberry flavor was a dead ringer for raspberry sorbet- but the non-fruit options, like cake batter and mint cookies, are just as delicious.
What’s On Top? Tons of options from the typical goodies- gummy bears, m&ms, nuts, etc.- to the exotic- lychee fruit and creme de menthe chips.
Why it’s worth a trip... Indulgent, full-flavored low-fat and non-fat options.

BYY(6 Washington St, Tenafly)
The Vibe: Spacious, clean and colorful. Great table space. Upon entry, kids step on an electrified floor that lights up in neon colors- instant smiles.
The Yo: 20 flavors, rotated daily. Great combinations available as well!
What’s On Top?: Over 60 toppings to choose from!
Why it’s Worth A Trip: Nonfat, Low Fat, Tart, No-Sugar-Added and Non-Dairy Sorbet options available

Spoon Me!(216 Old Tappan Road, Old Tappan)
The Vibe: Endless space with funky red and white decorations. Artsy, entertaining pictures cover the wall. Over 20 tables and couches to relax and chat!
The Yo: 24 unique flavors, rotated weekly. Not in the mood for yogurt? Try their amazing smoothies, waffles, or even the banana whip!
What’s On Top?: From fresh fruit to brownie chunks plus 60 others, you’d be hard-pressed to find something they don’t have.
Why it’s Worth a Trip: Low in calories but generous on flavor. Skinny, low-fat and non-fat options available as well.

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