BeFORE You Plan Your Next Outing, Check Out the New 9 Degree Golf Simulator Bar and Restaurant in Fort Lee

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Planning a night out with friends or a daytime family outing can often be a struggle between competing interests, making the outing itself more work than it's worth. Sound familiar? Luckily, a new super sports spot has hit the Bergen County games-meet-restaurant scene, aiming to give everyone in your crew something to get excited about. 9 Degree Golf Simulator Restaurant & Bar recently opened in Fort Lee, NJ, with inclusive offerings that include something for everyone.


While 9 Degree's options are plentiful, the biggest draw is their simulation golf technology, with 10 expansive rooms to reserve for a golftastic experience – perfect for golf enthusiasts who prefer avoiding the rapidly cooling temps outside. Each room contains a high-definition screen that lets you choose a 9- or 18-hold course from the system, with courses available in spring, summer, fall or winter. With scenic settings and hi-def, 3D objects, you'll immerse yourself in the golf experience while being able to practice your swing. Golf technology combines a swing analyzer with mapping, sensor and graphics technology so advanced, you may forget where you are. Choose from one of their spacious and comfortable rooms, with couches and tables, perfect for eight to 10 people, or reserve their VIP space for 10 to 15 people. Plus! Visit during the hours of 9 am-3 pm for a special $40 promotion.


Of course, golf isn't the only entertainment offered in this new spot. 9 Degree also offers an eclectic menu to please the palate, including Korean cuisine such as Sumo Wrestler Delight Negimaki and Korean Ricecakes, bar basics such as burgers, wings and tacos, as well as a cocktail menu to make any liquor lover happy. Sip on their Peroni Lager, signature cocktail such as the PB&J Old Fashion, or the Lychee-tini as you enjoy the setting. If you want to really turn up the heat, 9 Degree will be offering bottle service that will include an appetizer and ulimited non-alcoholic drinks, plus a DJ that starts spinning tracks around 6 pm, turning the family-friendly space into a lounge late-night.


Not in it to win-it? (The golf game, that is). The vibe is also swinging at 9 Degree with Karaoke, a private theater for movie viewings, gaming and sports viewing. While kids are always welcome, the large bar and numerous liquor selections make this a hot spot after-hours.


9 Degree Golf Simulator Restaurant & Bar
1642 Schlosser St., Fl. 2, Fort Lee
Open 9 am-12 am Sunday-Thursday; 9 am-2 pm Friday-Saturday
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