Backpacks To Take Them to the Head of the Class

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Back-to-school time can be a bummer for kids. (And, really, who can blame them for not wanting to replace swimming pools and summer fun with teachers and text books?) But a little excitement around buying cool backpacks can always help lift them out of that funk.  Whether you've got a tot heading to school for the first time or a teen that just wants to be trendy, here’s everything to put on your kid’s ready-set-September list.  


Skip Hop Zoo Dakota Dinosaur Backpack


Despite its simple (yet adorable!) shape, this backpack holds more than you might think. The inside of this backpack includes an insulated pouch for your preschooler’s snack and a mesh side pocket for their water bottle.


The North Face Youth Sprout Backpack


Designed specifically for tots ages 2 to 4, North Face does it right with a compartmentalized mid-section to keep all their "stuff" (i.e. fidget spinners) sorted and straps that are easy on littles' backs.



Dabba Walla Bags Shark Backpack


We love Dabba Walla bags and now love them even more because they now let you personalize to avoid any confusion at lunchtime. Plus, if your preschooler is a messy one, don't worry—this backpack is machine washable!



Skip Hop Zoo Eureka Unicorn Backpack


If your kid is all "unicorns this and unicorns that" we found the perfect bag for them- plus it includes magical touches like an insulated pouch, a front pocket and a side mesh bottle pocket.



TWELVElittle Little Companion Backpack Pink


New on the scene 12Little is making the lightest most adorable packs complete with multiple interior pockets that will help your little student stay organized!




Bari Lynn Full Size Blue/Pink/Fuchsia Hologram Backpack


Holy hologram! This pack will make your child the STAR of the class. Snag their fave color and mix and match accessories to make it even more unique!



Sprayground Backpacks

Mini Rocket Ships: $50

Spiderman: $65

Super hero lovers and comic book readers can don wearable art with these Sprayground Backpacks. Try them on for size at Marcia’s Attic For Kids in Englewood (29 N Dean St, Englewood, (201) 894-5701)


Fearless and Freckles Soccer Backpack


If your kid loves soccer, this backpack is perfect for them! Made from real soccer-ball material, this Fearless and Freckles bag has a laptop compartment and two separate holders for drinks.



J. Crew Kids’ Snaggletooth Monster Backpack


Once your kids reach 10, they're no longer scared of monsters hiding under the bed! This monster backpack is perfect for those fearless kids who also have a great sense of humor. It even glows in the dark!


Imoga Collection

This stylish metallic backpack from Imoga features a super-soft, faux-fur heart which we love.  (Available at Pumpkin & Bean, 55 N Dean St, Englewood,  (201) 503-9001)



me.n.u star backpack


me.n.u tassel fringe backpack


Simple yet on trend, these bags from me.n.u are exactly what your middle or high schooler is looking for. The adjustable shoulder straps and zippered compartments make these backpacks functional too.


Likewear Custom Backpack

(price varies)

We were all buzzing about the Likewear's new spot in Tenafly  a few months back when they opened. And since then, their custom bar is our kids' fave activity. Take that once step further and let the kids design their very own backpacks- sure to make them stand out on the first day.  


Pumpkin & Bean Glitter School Backpack


Pumpkin & Bean Emoji School Backpack


If your kid likes to shine, these silver metallic backpacks are PERFECT! The side pockets are great for storing water bottles, and the front pockets hold all their little things. The best part? You won't be able to miss them when you pick them up after school! (Available at Pumpkin & Bean, 55 N Dean St, Englewood,  (201) 503-9001)



AwesomeSauce V2 Scented Backpack


Your everyday backpack doesn't normally smell like strawberries…but this one does! AwesomeSauce makes a variety of scented backpacks, ranging from vanilla to gummy bears, but this one is our favorite.




J. Crew Girls’ Drawstring Backpack with Furry Pom-Poms


The hottest accessory on the market is pom-pom keychains, so why not have a backpack covered with just that? This J. Crew drawstring is the it bag for your chic fashionista.



J. Crew Harwick Backpack


This trendy backpack is perfect for your busy teen, running from school to sports to an afternoon job. Its sophisticated appearance is perfect for your soon-to-be adult!



State Lorimer The Heights in Gray


For every backpack purchased, STATE donates a backpack to a child in need. Their Lorimer bag is perfect for kids who are on-the-go with several zippered compartments and a padded laptop sleeve.


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