6 Easy Passover Recipes Perfect For Your Seder

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OY! Is Passover only a week away?! If you're planning on hosting a seder or attending one, it's time to get in the kitchen and prep. The good news is, good passover-friendly food doesn't have to take hours. We rounded up 6 easy passover recipes to make any seder table tasty.

Kick off your evening with delish Mini Spinach Potato Knish starters, where substituting matzo meal for flour will make these perfectly passover-ready.  (Recipe and photo from Panning the Globe, click here)
This easy Spinach and Artichoke Kugel is the perfect compliment to any main dish – plus it will keep in the fridge for DAYS. (Recipe and photo from Baking a Moment, click here)
Even the pickiest eaters will ask for seconds when you serve up this light-as-air Sweet Potato Soufflé. (Recipe and photo from Joy of Kosher, click here)
Salmon that's a crowd-pleaser AND makes for good leftovers? Yup – this Orange Maple Glazed Salmon does the trick. (Recipe and photo from Kosher Like Me, click here)
Yeah we know, we know, everyone has their favorite brisket recipe. But this Tangy Spiced Brisket will be the best you've ever served (especially if you use a slow cooker or dutch oven) we promise! (Recipe and photo from The Smitten Kitchen)
Passover dessert doesn't have to be complicated. Keep is simple and classic with these Chocolate Chip Cookies that you'll be snacking on all 8 days long. (Recipe and photo from Tori Avey)
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