3 Apps to Make Summer Letter Writing A Snap

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You want to be a letter writing fool this summer, but then the whole stamp thing got in the way.  Whether you’re crossing the Atlantic or getting a pedicure, these apps will help you look like a snail-mail rock star. 

Just Wink:  American Greetings new app offers tons of catchy cards for any occasion.  Simply pick your card (we’ve been stuck in the “miss you” section), write a personal message and attach a photo if desired.  Then “sign”, enter in the recipient info, and your card will be in your recipient’s hand in no time.  ($2.95-$4.95 per card, justWink app, available in Itunes or Google Play for Android)

Postagram:  Postcards via your smartphone.  Your pet doing something silly?  Your kid’s new bedding?  Keep your kid in the loop with custom postcards created by you.  Simply upload your photo, write a brief message and Postagram will send it their way.  And the best part?  Your recipient can punch out the pictures and hang them bedside.  ($.99 per postagram, Postagramapp, available in Itunes or Google Play for Android)

Ink Cards:  By Sincerely, this app allows you to upload a photo into a pre-designed card format (think word bubbles and catchy designs), then write a personalized message.  And the price is catchy too- considerably less than a store bought card with a stamp.  ($1.90 per card, Ink Cards, available in Itunes or Google Play for Android)

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