The 23 Hottest Toys You Need to Snap Up This Holiday Season

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Yup, It's that time. You've got to make your list and check it twice. What's your kid into this year? Coding? RC cars? Unicorns? Slime? Rainbows? Superheros? There's a toy for that. So, start your shopping here with the 23 Hottest Toys Bergen County Parents Should Snap Up This Holiday Season. 


Fisher-Price Bounce & Spin

Ages 12 months and up

Your baby will get their wiggles out bouncing on this stationary ride-on toy and when they press the buttons, the puppy will play songs or alphabet, number and color phrases. 


Baby Shark Song Puppet

Ages 2 years +

There are a lot of Baby Shark toys on the market right now. With this one, you move its mouth and it plays the entire Baby Shark song. The twist is that you can control the tempo. But you have to listen to the Baby Shark song. So there’s that. 


Kindi Kids Dolls

Ages 3+

Bobble head Kindi Kids have fun at Rainbow Kindergarten where every day is about playing and making friends. Each Kindi Kid has her own snack time accessories.


PJ Masks PJ Seeker

Ages 3+

The new PJ Masks mobile headquarters has a detachable tab, a working spotlight, a disc shooter, a cage, a crane and lights and sounds galore. Great for kids who are just finding the PJ Masks super heros, even better for kids who are adding to their collections.

Blume Dolls

Ages 3+

Water these dolls and see what grows. Dolls have fashion hairstyles, mix and match clothing and 10 fun surprises in each package. 


Crayola Scribble Scrubble Pets

Ages 3+

Kids can color and customize these little pets, then give them a bath and start all over again. There are lots of sets and expansion packs to collect. Scribble Scrubbie markers was off in the bath. 


Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batmobile

Ages 3 – 8

This remote control Batmobile can transform into battle mode with lights, sound effects and projectiles. 


Monster Jam “Mega Grave Digger” RC Truck

Ages 4 – 6

Okay, this truck is over 2 feet long, has oversized wheels, is fully remote controlled, can go forward, backwards, left, right, has working lights, pretty much anything and off-roading kid would want.


Myla the Magical Unicorn

Ages 4-8

Myla talks and sings. Myla glitters and changes colors at the touch of her magical paintbrush. Myla gives your child a positive message and a lucky color every day. We want Myla to be our new best friend.


Build It Blueprint Puzzles

Ages 4 – 6

The blueprints become the buildings with blueprint puzzle pieces on one side and a colorful exterior of a barn, a doghouse, a birdhouse or a cabin on the other. Kids can use the puzzle pieces to build a structure.  



Learning Resources Coding Critters

Ages 4 – 10

Kids learn early coding skills by following along in a story book and coding the cute animals in this set to play hide-and-seek, fetch a ball or ride down the included slide.


Sturdy Birdy

Ages 5-7

Kids compete to see who can master 12 different balancing positions to help Reggie the Pigeon become a circus high wire acrobat. Awesome because kids move their bodies, use their minds and practice important skills. 


Juno My Baby Elephant

Ages 5 – 7

Juno has a moving trunk and over 150 sounds and movements. Plus, the more you interact with her, the more tricks and games she’ll reveal!


Poopsie Chasmell Rainbow Slime Kit

Ages 5 - 10

Open this adorable rainbow carrying case to find 35 surprises waiting including lipsticks, eyeshadows, shimmer and sparkle highlighter. Choose your slime making vessel (we like a Chasmell #2 bottle. Get it?) Then add smell, the slime powder and water and make white or clear slime that’s a blank canvas for adding color from the makeup in the kit. Makeup and slime? What better combo is there?


Lucky Fortune Bracelets

Ages 5 – 15

Each package contains a fortune cookie shaped bracelet holder with a surprise lucky fortune charm bracelet and matching paper fortune. You’ll get lucky, very lucky, very very lucky and ultra lucky in one of 5 categories – happiness, friendship, love, success or adventure.


Pencil Nose

Ages 8+

Put on our pencil nose glasses, pick a card and try to draw the word on the card so your teammates can guess it. 


Fortnite Llama Loot Pinata

Ages 8+

Pre-filled with 100 pieces including two 4-inch figures, weapons, back bling, building materials, and harvesting tools. Build the clock tower and secure the high ground. If your kid is obsessed with Fortnite, this is the gift for them!


Go Glam Nail Art Stamper

Ages 8+

DIY manicures go next level with this stampers. Paint your nail, then insert it into the stamping machine and your favorite unicorn, cupcake, flamingo or other stamp will be placed right on your nail. You can decorate up to 125 nails of any size. 


Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Racer 

Ages 8+

Infrared sensors on this car allow you to direct it with a beam of light. You can even send it right up a wall!


Ages 8+

This 3D printer for kids is not cheap. And you have to keep buying printing materials. But your kid can make pre-programmed characters or characters of their own imagination and send them from the app right to the printer.


Funkoverse Strategy Game: Harry Potter

Ages 10+

A strategy board game that brings all your favorite characters and worlds together again. Includes two playable maps and can be mixed with other Harry Potter Funkoverse games. 


LEGO Creator Gingerbread House

Ages 12+

LEGO lovers can build a gingerbread house complete with modern amenities all gingerbread families will love (like a bathtub and a candy-inspired interiors!)


Blinger Diamond Collection

Ages 12+

Load, click and bling anything. Hair, clothes, accessories, these gems stick for as long as you want them and then comb out or pull off easily.

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