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If you work out only one part of your body -- your left arm, say -- that arm gets really strong, but the rest of your body stays the same. Likewise, if you focus only on one aspect of your health or well-being, you are missing out on the opportunity to care for yourself fully: body, mind, and spirit. At the Graf Center for Integrative Medicine at Englewood Health, the mission is to offer evidence-based care in a spa-like setting. Their services include medical consults with board-certified physicians; registered dietician services; acupuncture; massage; Reiki; and private yoga, meditation, and stretch classes, all under the capable guidance of the Graf Center's medical director, Tracy Scheller, MD


Integrative medicine consultations utilize an individualized approach to health that starts with asking patients questions about their daily routines, stress factors, support systems and sleep issues. A personalized plan is then constructed for each patient, including recommendations for nutrition (including supplements), sleep, exercise, and stress management.


Nutritional counselors will help patients build a healthy eating plan. As Dr. Scheller says, the keys to using nutrition to improve or maintain our health are making good dietary choices on a daily basis and getting into a routine, consistent eating pattern.


Dr. Scheller’s team will also make recommendations for patients’ fitness and sleep. When considering a fitness routine, Dr. Scheller says consistency is key here too. Studies have shown that even a few skipped days of regular exercise make it really hard to get back into it, so the recommendation is to do even just a little bit of exercise every day. For those who have not been doing much, Dr. Scheller suggests carving out 10 minutes at the same time every day to move your body. That way, when you’re not feeling particularly motivated, you can remind yourself that it’s only 10 minutes. Then, on days when you’re feeling better and have the time, you can do 15 or even 30 minutes. The key is to build the exercise time into your day and then stick with it. The key is also to get back into the routine if you end up skipping a day. Start right back where you left off the next day and keep going!


But what if the hardest part of your fitness routine isn’t the fitness part at all? What if it’s sleep (or lack thereof)? The most common issues around sleep are falling asleep and then staying asleep. Many of these issues can be attributed to stress, (Wait, what? Stress? Who could possibly be stressed at a time like this?) which causes cortisol levels to remain high and contributes not only to sleep issues, but also to weight gain. The Graf Center for Integrative Medicine offers many solutions for your sleep disruption woes. Meditation classes at the Graf Center give participants a roadmap to forming the habit of relaxation before sleep. Acupuncture helps with stress management, anxiety, sleep issues, and chronic pain issues and even has been shown to help with hot flashes. Massage therapy helps ease the tension in our backs and is an integral piece for overall wellness. And finally, aromatherapy also helps treat stress, anxiety and an array of physical conditions like congestion and stuffy nose.


Because the Graf Center for Integrative Medicine is located within Englewood Health, you can rest assured that the facility is on top of all current COVID-19 guidelines and precautions -- your safety and the safety of their staff is the first priority. Your visit to the Graf Center will include: contactless payment, a personal greeting by your therapist, and a treatment room that has been sanitized for your use. Additionally, patients’ belongings will be sealed in plastic bags and the protective equipment therapists use for each appointment will be discarded after they complete the service.


Not sure where to start? Check out the Graf Center's calendar of events or call 201.608.2377 to register for a class or event and for more information. The Graf Center for Integrative Medicine is located on the 5th floor of the Russell and Angelica Berrie Center for Humanistic Care at Englewood Health's main campus. Limited insurance plans are accepted, so check with your insurance provider to find out if you plan covers Graf Center services. Flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts can be used at the Graf Center. Check with your FSA/HSA administrator for any rules.

The Graf Center for Integrative Medicine
Englewood Health
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