This Smokin’ New Spot Opening near Bergen County

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With the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey, clinical dispensaries have been popping up like weeds (see what we did there) all over the state. But for those of us who are more cannabis curious than cannabis connoisseurs, walking into one of these dispensaries is often overwhelming and uncomfortable. The idea of trying to purchase cannabis without knowing proper terminology or understanding the array of products available, including potency and recommended dosage, is a little scary for those of us who are new to the cannabis game. 

Molly Ann Farms, opening this summer in Haledon, New Jersey aims to change all this. Described as a "Trader Joe's for cannabis users" by co-owners (and siblings) Gabriella Wilday and Gian Lombardi, this new adult-use recreational cannabis dispensary will provide an accessible, inclusive, informative environment in which anyone from the cannabis novice to long-term, daily users will be able to find their perfect product. 


 Named after the Molly Ann Brook which runs alongside this large format retail space, Molly Ann Farms will be located in the former De Luccia-Lozito Funeral Home at 265 Belmont Avenue. With chandeliers, warm wood accents, and furniture-like display cases, Molly Ann Farms offers a warm welcome and a wide range of high-quality cannabis products to customer in Bergen, Passaic, and Essex counties. The knowledgeable, approachable budtenders are committed to an exceptional retail experience to customers, providing them with comprehensive, easy to understand information on both the industry and the products they sell. Visitors to Molly Ann Farms can expect to be greeted like old friends, directed to products that will best suit their needs, and educated about the many benefits of cannabis usage.  

Gabrielle and Gian say that Molly Ann Farms is "Open for Happy". Their vision for their newest venture is to have both a physical location and a virtual community of customers and clients who find camaraderie and common ground during their visits. Follow Molly Ann Farms on Instagram or Facebook to make sure you're the first to know about their upcoming grand opening festivities and to get connected to their growing community. Then foster your budding interest in cannabis (oops, we did it again) with a visit to Molly Ann Farms. 

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