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Hi. Just us – checking in to see how you’re doing on your fitness goals for 2018? What’s that? You never got around to making them? You were doing so well with your fitness goals but then you discovered that if you order Girl Scout cookies online you don’t have to wait for them to be delivered? Or, between the snow and the time change you’re Feel like you need a little kick in the pants to get you going again? How about a bunch of (kind, gentle) kicks in the pants from some of the best Bergen County trainers, nutritionists and wellness experts to reset your fitness resolutions? No, no don’t thank us. It’s what we do.


Write it down. Guy Del Corso, Fitness Director at Powerhouse Gym in Mahwah says, “Sit down and reset your goals. Write down on a piece of paper what you want and what you need in order to get where you want to be. But be realistic. Set a realistic meal plan and a realistic workout plan. Not something that is crazy, something that is doable. Most importantly, don’t be so hard on yourself. Do only what you can do and do it the best you can.”

Go Green. Instagram mama and vegan mother of four, Corey Taylor says that, “Living a vegan life and feeding my family plant-based food is something I haven’t wavered from in 8 years. That said, there are definitely times when our diets include more French fries than kale salads…especially when traveling. To get back on track, I love little 3-day green resets involving green on every plate, at every meal (even breakfast – think green smoothies!)"


Stick to the basics. Dave and Mike Callari, Nutrition Specialists at RPM Nutrition and Fitness, LLC suggest that, “Regardless of what many ‘pop culture fitness experts’ purport, calories and time tested science are still your best option. Calories DO, in fact, matter and there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods. Food has NUTRITIONAL value, not moral value. Get your calories and portions under better control to make the changes you want to see.” RPM Nutrition and Fitness can help with Nutritional Coaching utilizing a flexible dieting approach that relies on simple ingredients to build out a weekly menu that is satisfying, balanced and tailored to your individual needs.



Be Nice. Holistic Health Coach, food lover and sweet treat baker, Donna Davis recommends that clients, “First, increase their intake of greens and water and get better sleep. You will notice that you feel better almost immediately. Second, treat every meal as though it’s a new opportunity to do the best for your body. Don’t throw in the towel for the rest of the day if you breakfast wasn’t the picture of nutrition. Third, be nice to yourself. Negative self talk causes stress and that isn’t good for anyone. Tell yourself you are a work in progress and you are working to achieve your goals.”


Give yourself a break. Noelle Carbognin, a Certified Holistic Health Coach who focuses on Prenatal and Postnatal wellness encourages readers to, “Cut yourself some slack and recognize that every day is a chance to begin again. Let go of that “all or nothing” mentality and expect that there are going to be some setbacks. The most important thing to focus on at this point is monitoring your self talk. Beating yourself up over the goal you did not accomplish is not productive. Practicing positive self talk will allow you to mindfully take steps toward achieving your goals, one day at a time.”


Take Control. Alyssa and Mike Feeks, a certified holistic health coach and a personal trainer, remind clients that, “You are the one in control of your body. You have the power to help your body heal you, fight off germs, protect you, wake you in the morning. So why make it harder for your body to help you? Your body’s work is important. Treat it that way and turn “healthy” into a permanent lifestyle not a passing trend. You deserve it!”



Take Action. Health coach, blogger and fitness fanatic, Mindy Goldstein says, “Set a realistic goal for yourself and enroll in something which will motivate you to achieve your goal. For example, if your goal is to become more fit, many gyms now hold body transformation competitions. If your goal is to become more flexible, join a yoga studio with unlimited classes for one month. If your goal is to run twice a week, sign up for a short race and start moving! You do not have to be the winner of the competition, do a full split or place first in the race. Just making progress towards your goal will make you feel like a winner and will be worthy of a pat on the back! And if these tricks don’t motivate you, treat yourself to a meeting with a health coach who can support you and hold you accountable.”


Don’t wait. Michelle Goffredo, a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach and WholeFood Teaching chef who works with clients to help them make simple lasting changes to live healthier, happier lives urges, “Don’t dwell on it and don’t beat yourself up. Everyone falls off the wagon – pick yourself up and start again. Then, do one healthy thing immediately. This one thing will help you get your mojo back. Finally, create a plan of attack. Get out your journal and schedule a workout and make your meal plans for the next few days. When you sit down and plan some healthy habits, seeing them in black and white motivates you and helps you to know that it’s possible and it helps you stick to them!”


Visualize success. Tracey Randolph, a Compass Point health coach instructs, “Create a wellness vision board that is aesthetically pleasing to you. Keep it visible; on your refrigerator, on your mirror, in your car, in your office, etc. Allow it to both be an anchor and a reminder of your wellness goals to help you achieve them. Love yourself on the journey and know that setbacks are a part of the process. Then go back to #1 and reset!”

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