Yaymaker Makes Some Yays In and Around Bergen County


So, your tribe wants to get together and hang out, but the idea of standing in a crowded bar in uncomfortable shoes doesn’t really appeal anymore. Plus, you’d like to have something to show for yourself at the end of the evening other than a giant tab for bottle service. Why not try a Yaymaker event? You and your friends can get your craft on and also hang at a local watering hole.


Yaymaker started in 2012 in Boston during a black out when a bunch of people gathered at a bar to paint together and while away the time. Originally called Paint Nite, it was a chance for adults to try something new but in a familiar setting. And they discovered that when they were given the opportunity to drop their guard, something special happened. New friends were made along with some pretty terrific art. So they arranged more meet-ups for crafting and cocktails around town.


Yaymaker has now expanded to include several other locations and, of course, Northern New Jersey and New York City are among them. They’ve also added a bunch of crafts in addition to painting. Upcoming events in and around Bergen County include several Plant Nites with succulents (we’re really hoping the Gnome Night we saw in Chicago makes its way east!), a mosaic coaster night, a candle making night and, our personal favorite, a Uke-Play-Me night in NYC at which you will be able to decorate your own ukulele!


How do you get registered for this fun new concept? Head to the Northern NJ events list, click on the event you want to attend and reserve your spot. You can also follow them @yaymaker_northnj on Instagram. Don't forget to use the code YAYNJ to snag $8 off at checkout. Gift cards are also available so if you’ve got a friend moving to town, hook them up as a way to help them meet people. Yaymakers can also help you plan an event that puts the "fun" in "fundraiser". Okay people, now let’s all go and make some yays!

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