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Play dates. Soccer practices. Dance recitals. Pediatrician appointments. Birthday parties (OMG, so many birthday parties!). Like most moms, I’d forgotten what it felt like to not be constantly running up, down, around, and sideways. My girlfriend’s advice? Why don’t I join her at this great new yoga class she discovered in Lodi. “You’ll flip for it.” she said. She wasn’t kidding—before I knew it, I was inverted.

To say this was one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever attended isn’t much of a stretch (and not just because it only costs five bucks!). Held at the North Jersey Muay Thai training center in Lodi, I was surrounded by a packed class of students of skill levels and abilities, who were all there to get whipped into their Warrior poses by co-instructors Masumi Goldman and Laura Kasperzak- the pair of yogis known as Two Fit Moms.

So, who are these limber ladies? Best friends since high school, the duo took social media by storm after they started posting snaps of awe-inspiring yoga poses, gotta-have-it workout gear, and inspirational imagery on their respective Instagram accounts (check ‘em out here and here).  Their goal was simple: empower women to stay active, live a healthy lifestyle, and follow the motto “it’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

But after amassing over 1 million followers between them, it became clear that their “simple” mission was quickly becoming a full-on movement. As a way to say namaste to their fans, they launched Two Fit Moms, a yoga-centric fitness and healthy living website, which has become a must-read for moms looking to get the balance right and find their Zen. Each day, the pair posts must-read info on everything from eating right (so many great recipes!) to all-around wellness to step-by-step instructions for properly getting your downward dog on and more.

Two Fit Moms
Join Two Fit Moms in NYC on June 28 for Fam Jam, a free yoga event co-hosted by Yoga Beyond and sponsored by Gaiam. Click here for all the info.

Helaine Kay is the Fitness Editor for Bergen Mama, she lives in Bergen County with her three kids and works out like a fiend

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