Three Fall Workouts to Try (on us)


You’ve always subscribed to the theory “no pain, no gain”.  In the 80s you “Got Physical” and rocked the off the shoulder sweatshirt while doing jumping jacks and leg lifts.  When Tae Bo hit the scene you punched and kicked the air (and a few ex boyfriends) until your arms felt like jelly.  Until spin came along; and you rode like the wind, achy tush and all. 

Well, it’s the fall of a new decade and as the summer comes to a screeching halt and the kids are back in school full time, it’s time to focus on mama.  We’ve made it easy for you.  Try a week FREE at each of these gyms and sample some of the best workouts the county has to offer.

The Bar Method Workout at The Bar Method:
Owners Carolyn Norden and Shirley Morris got tired of driving to Summit, NJ for their favorite workout and decided it was time to bring the Bar Method to Englewood.  The “method” consists of muscle-shaping isometric exercises which make the muscles longer and leaner (yes!).  When we stepped inside this immaculate studio decorated in cool shades of pale blue and white we felt instantly relaxed.  The peaceful vibe had even us breathing easier.  Instructor Vanessa knew us by name and made sure our butt was tucked and our legs were tight as we pulsed in each pose.  As our muscles shook, the class veterans and instructor nodded and smiled at us.  They knew we were reaching our goal.  After one hour we stretched, and emerged, legs wobbling, knowing we would be back again.

BERGEN MAMA SPECIAL:  1 FREE week of classes for new students. 10% off next package for existing students.  Hurry!  Offer expires November 1st.  Mention BERGENMAMA at signup.

The Bar Method
525 N. Dean Street, Englewood

DJ Hot Yoga at CoolHotYoga:

You’ve always loved yoga.  But at times it’s a bit, um, slow.  Well, not in Hillary Wellisch’s new class at Coolhotyoga.  DJ Twitch spins live beats that really get your Vinyasa flowing.  We loved hearing old school hip hop as we got into our downward dog.  Moves were fast paced and the room was warmed just enough to help us sweat out those icky toxins.  We left with a drenched shirt and aching muscles.  Not into yoga?  The studio also offers Pilates, Zumba and something called “Yamuna Body Rolling” taught by owner Michelle Caridi-Copland, which uses a ball to stimulate blood flow to targeted muscles.  Try the “cool hot gel” after your workout; we were leery at first too, but the smell won us over, and as the gel sank into our tired arms we took one last yoga breath.  Namaste.

BERGEN MAMA SPECIAL: 1 Week of FREE classes for new students.  Mention BERGENMAMA at signup.

32 Piermont Road, Cresskill

“Jump!RopeBurn” at The Gym:
Ah Jumprope, brings back memories of our grade school days.  And we’re all for bringing it back if it means burning tons of calories. Tammy at the Gym in Englewood teaches this cardio, heart pumping class which mixes jumprope with pushups, weight lifting and even some good ol jumping jacks, all to dance music with a thumping beat.  After 50 minutes of nonstop movement and “burn”, we felt exhausted. But we smiled ear to ear on an endorphin high and headed to the juice bar for one of TheGym’s custom elixirs, thinking Van Halen may have been onto something. Yeah, we might as well jump.

BERGENMAMA SPECIAL:  1 Week of FREE Membership to TheGym (print email and bring pass below)

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The Gym
50 Nordhoff Place, Englewood; 2 Chestnut Ridge Road, Montvale

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