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If there’s anything we’ve learned during the past year, it’s that what happens behind the scenes matters. We’ve seen that essential workers have kept the country running during the pandemic. We’ve also realized that the way our home functions, looks and feels is essential to our well-being when we are stuck there all the time. AGS Materials and Supply, located in Oakland, NJ, is one of the behind-the-scenes businesses that have kept Bergen County running since 1999, sure, but, almost more importantly, since the pandemic hit last year.


The past year has given us plenty of time to look around our house and realize that we have a lot of home improvement projects we need (okay, want) to get done. We’ve started gardens, replanted landscaping beds, added walkways and designed new patios. Each of these projects requires materials like topsoil, crushed stone and gravel, fill dirt, fill dirt removal, or mulch. AGS Materials and Supply, the most trusted trucking company in North Jersey, Rockland County, and Orange County, offers a range of services that you don’t know you need until you need them. Then it's great to know they're there, reliably and competently providing you with exactly what you require to get the job done.


AGS delivers blended, organic screened topsoil that is processed to meet proper pH levels for planting and turf establishment. Which means that after you have that costly landscaping or lawn installed, you can count on the topsoil from AGS to help your yard thrive. AGS crushed stone and gravel can be used for patios, walkways, driveways and lining septic tanks. AGS works with contractors and landscapers to make sure the materials you need are there when you need them. Because no one wants their renovations to drag on forever. And AGS provides mulch in a variety of colors and materials to help you protect those planting beds you’ve worked so hard to nurture (and that you love seeing out your window every morning). AGS also offers salt delivery and snow removal during the winter for residential and commercial properties. Pssst! Now would be a great time to talk to them about a snow removal contract or salt delivery for next winter!


In addition to the services they provide to local residents, AGS is also committed to being in service to the environment. They provide DOT-approved Recycled Concrete Aggregate for residential and commercial construction jobs as a way to repurpose and reuse concrete and keep it out of landfills.  


AGS Materials and Supply is committed to providing great service at the lowest possible price. They understand that reliability is key to the success of any construction or landscaping project (and they know that no one likes to be trapped in their driveway after a snow storm!). AGS focuses on quality and trust to build lasting relationships with all their clients. For more information about how AGS Materials and Supply can help with your project needs, visit their website or call 201.512.0001. 


AGS Materials and Supply
342 W. Oakland Ave, Oakland
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