Top Bergen County Fitness Expert’s New Year’s Resolutions

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Sure, Bergen County’s top trainers and fitness experts spend pretty much every day doing the one thing most of us resolve to do on New Year’s Eve and then fail at miserably by Valentine’s Day (mmm, chocolate!). But look past those buff, toned and trim bodies and trainers are really just like us. They too  have things they want to accomplish in 2019 and, because we asked nicely, they agreed to share a few of their goals with us. So sit back (or maybe stand up and do a few lunges) and prepared to be instructed and inspired by the New Year’s Resolutions of Top Bergen County Trainers and Fitness Experts.


Daine Chang, Retro Fitness Tenafly:

To cut out sugar completely other than natural sugars and to be the number one trainer on the East coast (or at least close to it!)


Thomas Anthony Jimenez, Body Shop by TA:

I’d like to run and participate in more charity events, build my new business up to 20 classes per week and work on my own fitness at least 4x a week (which is tough to do these days!)


Helaine Kay, Pilates and Cycle Instructor at Lifetime Fitness in Montvale and Bergen Mama fitness editor:

My New Years Resolution is to find greater peace amongst the chaos of my daily life.  Life can get pretty crazy and like most moms, the stress and overwhelm of raising kids, working, shuttling the kids to and from their activities, games, doctors appointments etc. can get pretty daunting.  While I exercise and eat right (most days), I feel like I need a consistent, daily practice of mindfullness in my life.  I realize that stress happens, but learning how I can better respond to it and channeling that energy in a more positive way is really my resolution for 2019. Transcendental Meditation I’m coming for you!!



Thara Natalie, Fireshaper Tenafly:

I’ve created a support team with masters in various areas and shared my intentions with that group to make sure I’m held accountable and focused throughout the year. They will help me make sure I stay on my path. After years of focusing on the yoga studio it's now time to focus back on my personal goals like writing a cookbook! It's something I started years ago but was never able to finish. I've decided to start with something smaller and more manageable like an ebook for this year.


Stacy Hughes, Core Value Pilates Ridgewood:

My grandmother is 96 ½ years old. I asked her recently about her secret for living so well for so long. She attributed her longevity (and quality of life) to staying social, staying active, and focusing on the positive. So this year, I’m going to spend quality time with friends and family, travel, move my body even more, and always try to find the bright side. In other words, I’m going to live like I’m 96 ½ .  


Rena Schenker, GYMGUYZ:

My New Years resolution is to be more confident. It’s hard to sometimes to look at yourself and see your strengths both personally and professionally and it’s definitely easy to focus on weaknesses. The hard work is recognizing what you do well. I owe it to myself and my clients to believe in myself. 


Rachel Vassak, Flow Yoga Ho-Ho-Kus and Mahwah:

My intention this year is about self-care. I'm going to carve out 5-10 minutes before my kids wake up every morning to sit in silence. This time doesn seem like a lot but can make the morning chaos seem a lot more manageable. I'm also going practice consistency and playfulness (and build strength) by doing a handstand every day. I plan to drink more water (my goal is 2L per day) and try to have at least two date nights per month. Gotta keep the romance alive!


Jordan Lips Fitness, Body Chemistry Norwood:

I plan to be comfortable saying no to commitments I know I will regret making and to do things for myself without feeling guilty.


Nicole Casazza, Orangetheory Fitness Edgewater, Closter and Montvale:

I could always be healthier, I could always be fitter but I love my job and just continuing to enjoy every day and hire new employees who love it as much as I do. I’d also like to do at least 1 charity workout per month in 2019.


Hillary Wellisch, Body Burn Barre Tenafly:

In 2019, I plan to read a book every month, travel more, and even though my life is crazy, I want to slow down and appreciate every moment, especially with my kids, my famliy and my friends.


Gia Alvarez, Owner and instructor at Juma:

For 2019 I’m making a communication goal. I want to be better at communicating to my family how important it is for me to build my business, get my workouts in and be the best mom alongside that. I doubt I’m alone in trying to do it all and not telling my family how hard it can be. As my kids get older I want to include them in my goals just like they include me ... it’s all teamwork in the end! On the fitness front I plan to run my 13th marathon with a group of amazing women. I want to enjoy the training, camaraderie and support that comes from achieving a big goal alongside other dreamers!

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