Tickets for the Water Lantern Festival in Jersey City are Floating Away Fast

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We know that summer just started and even the mention of the word “September” makes all the muscles in your neck tighten up. But the Water Lantern Festival is coming to Liberty State Park in Jersey City on Saturday, September 14th. Tickets are on sale now and are sure to sell out.


What’s a water lantern festival, you ask? Imagine you’re enjoying a beautiful night by the water. Maybe a slight breeze is blowing and the sun is just setting. Then all of a sudden, hundreds of glowing paper lanterns are set free to dance in the current and reflect their light off the water. Now, imagine if one of those lanterns was yours. Imagine you had decorated it with drawings that were meaningful to you, phrases that were inspirational, or representations of your hopes and dreams. That’s a Water Lantern Festival.

Arrive early and pick up your lantern, marker and commemorative drawstring bag (all included in the price of your adult ticket). Enjoy a few hours of food trucks, music and fun while you decorate your lantern. Between 8:00 and 9:30, set your lantern free to light the water with the hundreds of others. Then just sit back and enjoy the peace and promise of the spectacle. Part of the cost of your ticket also goes to the clean up and removal of the lantern and any other trash. This event strives to be a zero impact event on the environment.


Tickets are available now and selling fast. Visit the website for information and to purchase.Ticket prices are $30 per adult through August 30th. Children ages 7 and under may attend free but must have a ticket. Tickets for kids ages 8 – 14 are $12 per kid. Get your tickets now and see the light(s).

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