This Real Life Ice Castle Will Blow Your Kids’ Minds

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Their gifts have all been opened. The holiday movie pile is depleted. They’ve already mastered Super Mario Maker.  Lord knows they ain’t gonna do their homework. Face it, your kids are experiencing the Winter Break blues, and they’re letting you know it with every whine, groan, and fidget. Put their boredom on ice—literally—with a visit to Ice Castles.

Located in Lincoln, New Hampshire, Ice Castles is quite possibly the coolest thing we’ve ever seen (no pun intended!). The brainchild of Utah-based artist Brent Christensen, this larger-than-life interactive ice fortress is a real-life winter wonderland straight out of the movie Frozen! With all sorts of interactive waterfalls, slides, caves, and stalactites—all lit up by thousands of tiny LED lights—Ice Castles is sure to get a warm reception from kids and adults alike.

So, how far away is this place? About five hours from Bergen County, which means visiting might make a better weekend getaway than a one-tank trip, but there’s plenty to see and do in Boston. Plus, what’s more fun than an extended family sing-a-long to “Let It Go”?

Ready to chill out at this red-hot destination? Click here for all you need to know (and pack) for your Ice Castles visit.

Ice Castles
64 Railroad Street
Lincoln, NH
M–Th: 3pm to 9pm
Friday: 3pm to 10pm
Sat: Noon to 10pm
Sunday: Closed
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