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Obviously, weight loss is a serious business. When done right, it’s life-changing, sustainable, and leads to lasting health benefits. But permanent weight loss is also hard work; requiring commitment and determination, and it’s not something most people can do alone. Which is why, if you’re ready to embark on your own wellness journey, you’re going to want to have Gladys DiTroia, founder of The Real Deal Weight Loss program, in your corner.  Get ready for 8 weeks that will change every week for life. 

Gladys is energetic, approachable, realistic, and fun. She has been helping Bergen Mamas’ get incredible results for over 15 years! The Real Deal team, some of whom are former Real Deal members, provides continual support for the women who make the choice to change their habits so they can change their lives. They know that the weight loss journey is so much more than eating the right foods or getting the right amount of exercise. Inside The Real Deal, they address both the emotional triggers and the mindset blocks their clients encounter on the way to reaching their weight loss and wellness goals.  One coach is a licensed therapist who specializes in women’s emotional eating issues. 

This program is not a temporary fix. The Real Deal is something you can do forever. Gladys understands how you really live. You are between work, home, multiple kids events, travel and social fun and WINE time. She GETS it and she will teach you how to navigate it all while living a life you can enjoy, not just tolerate.

The secret sauce here is the group support and accountability. When you sign up for The Real Deal’s 8-week, online program, you become part of a community of like minded women who have all chosen to make this change together. You’ll have weekly education modules and live Q&A sessions that walk you through The Real Deal process. Each week, you’ll submit food journal pages for Gladys and The Real Deal Coaches to review, and a photo of your feet on the scale, (don’t forget to treat yourself to a pedicure!). You’ll have access to easy recipes, Gladys’ personal recommended products, and sample grocery shopping list (these lists are gold!!).  This kind of accountability provides connection and support as you develop and build new habits that will, in time, become your new lifestyle.

Here's the other thing, and you’re gonna want to lean in close so you can hear this – with The Real Deal, there are no restrictions on the foods you eat and you can even have that cocktail if you want. We should maybe repeat that so it sinks in. You can eat what you like – bread, birthday cake, sandwiches, all of it. Because Gladys and her team know that you have an active life, and an active social life, and you don’t want to put your life on hold while you work to reach your goals.

With The Real Deal, there is nothing to buy. You shop at your regular supermarkets, you can make the same meals for the family, we know all about second dinners in busy households, you will be set up for all of it! 

Real change takes time, Gladys doesn’t leave you hanging after 8 weeks. There is an optional on-going Alumni group for those who want continued support and accountability. Speaking of families, one piece of feedback The Real Deal team hears all the time is that once the mom starts on this program, the mindset trickles down and the rest of the family benefits, which makes your investment in this program even more valuable.

If it’s time for you to take your life in hand and lose that weight once and for all, visit The Real Deal Program website. You’ll find information about how to join their next 8-week, online session starting January 25th,  but you don’t have to wait to start losing before the holidays! The Real Deal has a Pre-Program that you can start now. You can hit January’s program already down (winning!). There are only 3 programs offered during the year with limited enrollment. You can also reach out to Gladys for a limited number of private clients. Weight loss might be a serious business, but the journey to lifelong wellness doesn’t have to be!

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