This Magical New Jersey Tree Farm is Holiday Bliss

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The way we look at it, you have two choices on Black Friday. You can either get up at the crack of dawn and join the crowd throwing elbows as they vie for the last of the Frozen 2 merch at your local Target. Or, you can roll out of bed at a reasonable hour, enjoy a leisurely breakfast of leftover pie, then pack up the family and head out to Wyckoff’s Christmas Tree Farm to pick your colored Christmas tree


That’s right. No more natural and green for you. This year, your family can indulge their colorful side with a Christmas tree in almost every color of the rainbow. Feeling a little “Nightmare Before Christmas” –ish this season? Go for the black tree. Got a kid who loves blue? Choose from dark blue, light blue or turquoise. Want to sport the team colors? They’ve also got orange, white and magenta. Plus the requisite pink or purple because, why not. With that many colors to choose from, your biggest problem might be getting the whole fam to agree on just one!




But if you’re wondering if this is the always popular carnation-in-colored-water science fair trick writ large, we must let you in on the secret. The trees are colored using a latex-based paint formulated specifically for Christmas trees and then sprayed onto each tree, followed by hand touch ups to ensure full coverage. The paint is, according to the website, perfectly harmless for humans. 

If the colored tree thing isn’t your thing, Wyckoff’s has traditional green trees like Douglas, Frasier and Concolor Fir trees, White Pines and Blue Spruces. If you’re feeling adventurous or you just really think you need to work off your holiday excesses, you can cut your own tree (hand saws are provided or you can bring your own – power saws not permitted) or you can purchase a precut tree which, if you’re asking, is what we would do.  


Then stick around for a guided hayride around the farm, a visit to the Christmas Barn for last-minute holiday gift or décor purchases, and maybe a little tailgating (byo everything and set up in their tailgating lot) before you head home. 


Wyckoff’s Christmas Tree Farm is open Monday – Friday 10:00am – 4:30pm and weekends starting on Black Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm. 


Wyckoff’s Christmas Tree Farm
246 County Road 519, Belvidere, NJ
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