This is Probably the Perfect Post COVID Vacay

We know the thought of an actual vacation somewhere fabulous seems kind ridiculous right now since we can’t even go well, anywhere. But we promise that someday this will be over and we get on the road, take to the skies, and find ourselves somewhere far, far away. Our current dream? Indulging in one of the gorgeous glamping experiences at a variety of stunning national parks offered through Under Canvas. Because after being cooped up in the house for (wait, over 4 weeks?), we’re going to want to make sure our vacay involves being out in the fresh air around the clock without sacrificing an ounce of luxury. And we’re going to totally deserve a lot of luxury after all this cooking, quite frankly 

Under Canvas’s glamping tents come with everything you’d want from a fancy hotel room -- king beds with a plush mattresses, full bathrooms, ceramic sinks, daily maid service, and organic bath products. Some come with attached private decks and all located on luxe campgrounds with some of the country’s most beautiful vistas serving as the backdrop. You can also book stargazer tents at each property, which include star-viewing windows over the bed. When it’s time to explore the parks, you can opt for private driving tours in addition to activities from horseback riding to kayaking to whitewater rafting to (our favorite!), s’mores around the fire. 

You in? Us too. First stop when we get out: hair, nails, and waxing. Second: vacation. 


Under Canvas, 888.496.1148, 

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