7 Bergen County Running Programs That Will Get You 5K and Fabulous This Spring

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Maybe you have a workout routine that works for you. Maybe you mix up the strength and cardio training with a few days of rest in between. Or maybe, your idea of a workout routine is thinking once in a while about how you should really get into a workout routine. Well, here’s your chance. If you’ve ever thought about trying to run a 5K but you have no idea how to start (and you know the chances of you self-motivating to make that happen are slim to none and slim just left town) check out these 7 Bergen County running clubs and programs that have a plan to train you not only to get yourself up and running, but to enjoy it too!


North Jersey Masters Running Club, Ridgewood: You have decided. You are doing this 5K think THIS YEAR. Okay, then sign up for the North Jersey Masters Welcome to Running Beginner Program. Choose your class – either Wednesday or Saturday morning and get ready to experience the joy of running. Registration is now because classes start on March 25th, 2020 and March 28th, 2020 with the goal of graduating in time to run the Memorial Day Ridgewood Run.

Skyline Run Club, Weehawken: Not specifically a beginner’s program, this run club’s mission is to provide athletes with high quality, consistent training (and great views). The club meets Wednesdays for structured workouts and Sundays for long runs. Runners of all ability levels are welcomed and encouraged to do their best. Plus, there are meet ups for beer or breakfast after some of the runs. So, that’s worth it. 



DeNovo Harriers, Bergen County: The name means “begin anew” and the DeNovo Harriers welcome you to start your running journey with their trademark teamwork, support and sense of fun. Their Beginner to Finisher 5K (B2F5K) program starts on March 14th , 2020 with participants graduating at the RPEF Spring for our Schools 5K to be held on May 9th. You’ll get weekly coached group sessions and daily training plans along with workouts, membership in the group and tons of support. 


Jersey Women Strong, Ridgewood: Northern New Jersey’s largest all-women’s running, walking and multi-sport team includes as its members women of all ages and abilities, including those who have never run or exercised before. It offers weekly coached sessions (Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays), nutrition and fitness education, seminars and unlimited motivational support. Their UCAN5K program starts Saturday, April 4th, 2020 and runs through Sunday, May 31st, 2020. 


jumaFit, Tenafly: You want to get into a running routine but you don’t really like outside very much? jumaFit is the treadmill workout studio for everyone. With classes tailored for all levels, mentors to cheer you on and ensure your form is perfect, and an inclusive, welcoming, supportive environment, jumaFit is to running what spin studios are to biking. Practice here, then, when the weather is exactly optimal, take what you’ve learned to the streets!


Rise Endurance, Fort Lee: Want a truly personalized training plan? Coach Joan at Rise Endurance uses scientifically based training that is athlete-centered and takes the individual athlete’s fitness level, race goals, health, schedule and sports skills into account when creating (then adjusting) an athlete’s training. 


Couch to 5K: Several running groups use this framework as a guide for their daily/weekly workouts. But if you want to try and do this on your own, there are tons of C25K resources you can access to help you make your plan and stick to it. Check out the podcasts and forums to get yourself inspired.

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