The Ultimate Summer Camp Guide: Best Camps In and Around Bergen County, New Jersey

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Do you have a burning desire to return to summer, where warm sunny days seem to make your worries melt away? While we're still in the thick of winter with thoughts of skis and skates on our mind, local summer camps are currently in full-on planning mode. From upgrading their rock climbing walls to planning the ultimate coding and robotics programs, camps in and around Bergen County are preparing to welcome your child to their carefree worlds where the biggest responsibilities are having fun, trying new experiences, and making friends. 


Check out Bergen Mama's ULTIMATE CAMP GUIDE in and around Bergen County NJ to find the ideal camp for your child. Your kids will enjoy the simplicity of being kids, discover new and old friendships, and learn while having fun. Seems like a win-win to us! 

Traditional Summer Day Camps in Bergen County:  Full days, a wide range of activities, and swim instruction are the key compentents to these camps.

Art, Music and Dance Camps in Bergen County: Got a kid who loves to design and draw, dance or play music? These specialty camps will let your child's creativity and performance shine through.

Specialty Sports Camps in Bergen County: From soccer to tennis, basketball and golf, we’ve got a camp for your junior athlete.

Farm and Nature Camps in Bergen County: Learn to farm and hike the land at these nature inspired camps for the kid who loves the outdoors.

Educational, Enrichment and STEM Summer Camps in Bergen County: It's all about enrichment at these educational and skill building summer camps and programs.

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